What are the ways to stop the evil spirit in the porch

Generally speaking, the biggest Feng Shui function of the porch is to dissolve the evil spirit of rushing directly to the door outside the house. What Feng Shui says ” Sha ” , Score ” Shapeshift ” ; And ” Qi Sha ” ; Two” BRAKE ” ; It’s not the so-called thing with strange power and chaos. In fact, it’s the evil type, which is the same as the evil type in go. People all hope that the residence is a beautiful scene with beautiful mountains and rivers and pleasant eyes. If there is an evil type that makes people feel depressed and awkward, it needs to be compensated by Feng Shui. The porch is an important part of the house to resolve the external evil spirit

first of all, the establishment of a porch can cushion the shape of evil spirits. In geomantic omen, Xingsha is a tangible evil appearance, which mainly includes the following situations:

knife Sha, also known as sharp corner shooting: that is, the door is facing the corner or sharp corner of the nearby building, like a wedge, entering the residential center, making the residents feel like a sharp blade, feel unbearable and extremely depressed

the steep road rushes straight: when the house is in the low position, it has to bear the huge pressure from the high position of the road. It is like a torrential flood climbing down the steps, sinking vigorously and rushing into the house, so that the residents can’t stop it

chest injury by hidden arrow: the road or street directly opposite the house is in a straight line and rushes towards the house, then the outward development momentum of the house is blocked by it, forming a road rush, also known as street rush

secondly, the establishment of a porch can also dissolve Qi and evil. Qi Sha refers to the position where the evil star flies, because it is invisible and can not be observed with the naked eye like Xingsha. It can only be calculated according to Feng Shui mathematics. If the head of household has four lives in the East, but the door is opened in the four directions of the due west, the two north, the southwest or the northeast, and the door collides with the head of household, then for this family, this is the house with Qi Sha. Conversely, if the head of household is the West Fourth life, and the gate is opened in the East, South, North and Southeast, the gate will collide with the head of household; For this family, it is also a residence with Qi Sha. If the house encounters such a situation, setting up a porch is a top priority

there are two main ways to stop the evil in the porch: :

(1) the porch can promote the external Qi entering from the gate to turn: the external Qi originally turned from the fierce side to the auspicious side, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui to pursue good luck and avoid evil. For example, for the people of the West Fourth life, if the gate is opened in the fierce position in the north, it is the gate that brings evil spirits; However, if a porch is added, the gas outside the house originally flows from north to south, but now it enters from west to East. Sinai originally ordered good luck to turn good luck into good luck

(2) the porch can not only dissolve the form evil and Qi evil, but also prevent the leakage of vigorous Qi. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the prosperous gas and wealth entering the house from the gate should rotate in the house as much as possible, and slowly flow out of the house after making full use of the house. If the gate forms a straight line with the balcony or window, the prosperous gas and wealth flowing from the gate will quickly flow away from the balcony or window. The prosperous gas flows straight in and out, which is ” Discharge ” ; The situation makes it difficult for people and money to accumulate. The remedy is to set up a porch and set up a law gate to turn the air into the house instead of flowing directly from the balcony or window. It is because it blocks the view of the entrance and forms a rotating space. Feng Shui pays attention to ” Like to whirl and avoid going straight ” , That’s why. If there is no solid wall, you can look through the balcony and living room at the entrance, which is commonly known as ” Before and after, people and money are empty ” ; The pattern is unfavorable to home. If the door is straight to the door, the people in the room are vulnerable to interference. This situation can also be solved by the porch

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