Which plants should not be placed indoors

Flowers and plants can well improve the indoor environment, but some plants have too strong fragrance, or the fragrance contains toxic substances, which should not be placed in the room. The placement of plants should also comply with the Feng Shui principle.

tulip: Tulip has an elegant and rich temperament and has a unique charm among the flowers. However, tulips have too strong fragrance and contain a toxic alkali, which is harmful to people’s health after long-term contact.

orchid: the fragrance of orchid is refreshing and can bring people good mood. However, long-time and close contact with orchids will lead to insomnia. Therefore, orchids are more suitable to be placed in the courtyard, and the faint fragrance from afar will bring people a comfortable feeling.

Lily: the fragrance of lily is very irritating and exciting, so it is not suitable to put it indoors for a long time

Noctiluca: the fragrance of Noctiluca is particularly strong at night, which will affect the quality of sleep. Long term smell of this flower will also make people upset, chest tightness, dizziness and discomfort.

in addition, plants with strong fragrance such as Mimosa, poinsettia, hydrangea, five color plum and jade clove are not suitable to be placed indoors. Indoor plants should be fresh and elegant because of their long contact time and close contact distance.

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