Why should the sofa be placed behind the seat

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the seat should generally have a back, which is in line with the principles of health and Feng Shui. The sofa is no exception, and it should have a back. This is because there is a cushion behind the sofa seat, which can make people feel secure behind their back, and will not cause cold back, cold and headache due to the wind behind their back

in addition, as far as home feng shui is concerned, there is a sofa behind it. The main house can get twice the result with half the effort in career if it is blessed by its ancestors, or supported or supported by its parents, superiors and elders. Moreover, it is reliable behind the seat, and the main house is permanent, solid and prosperous. If the space behind the seat is empty, it will give people a feeling of being peeped at and vulnerable to attack

if the sofa really can’t back against the solid wall, you can make an artificial backer behind it, make a Bogu frame, screen or cabinet, or put large potted plants, which can make up for the void behind it to a certain extent, but it is recommended to back against the solid wall