Will the desk stick to the wall

When placing the desk, it’s best not to stick the desk to the wall, so as not to form a bad feng shui pattern. The most taboo of Wenchang star position is that there is no bright hall in front, that is, there is no spare space in front, which will inhibit Wenchang star from playing the role of Feng Shui

when the desk is close to the wall, the people in front of the desk will study against the wall, and the air field of the wall will press against the desk, making people feel nervous and tired of learning. In the long run, it will affect people’s health and even form an isolated character

secondly, if the desk is against the wall, it may lead to poor lighting conditions and have a certain impact on vision. Moreover, good natural lighting is an important condition to promote the prosperity of Wenchang. We talked about indoor lighting earlier, focusing on the importance of lighting in the study

in addition, the shadow formed by the wall on the desk may affect the exertion of personal talents, especially it is easy to cover the field of vision, which makes people learn little

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