What color is good for home feng shui decoration

As we all know, different colors bring people different moods. For example, red will bring a restless mood, green will bring a fresh mood, and yellow will bring a warm mood. Therefore, in the home decoration, the choice of color is very important! After all, color is not only about the mood of the family, but also about the feng shui of the home

green curtains increase vitality

green is a very dynamic color, and green represents the color of life. Using green as the color of curtains is very conducive to the feng shui of home and can bring vitality and vitality to home. It’s a very good choice! In addition, green can make the atmosphere of the room clear and natural, and make us live more comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, green curtains are preferred, which can not only improve Feng Shui, but also enhance our personal fortune, but also conducive to our physical and mental health

but it should be noted that although green is a color representing life, vitality and vitality, it is not suitable for large-scale use. If it is only used for curtains, it can play the role of embellishment and the effect is very good; However, if it is used in a large area and the front walls are painted green, it will only lead to the dead spirit of Feng Shui at home and become very depressed

hit the sofa that likes to use color

in home decoration, we also need to consider the color matching of furniture. In geomantic omen, sofa is most suitable for those who only use the master to hit. We all know that everyone’s eight characters and five elements are different, so the likes and dislikes of color are also different; For example, some people like to use God blue in their lives; Some people avoid using blue. When we choose colors, we must be clear about our likes and dislikes. Feng Shui believes that the color of the sofa is best to choose the favorite color of the owner’s hit, because the sofa is where we often stay. The color of the sofa can be related to our luck. When the sofa is the favorite color of our hit, it can be greatly conducive to our luck development and will be of great help to our interpersonal relationship, career development and overall luck

appropriate use of red embellishment

many people have heard that red is taboo at home, because it is too deep, dazzling and dazzling. Using red will damage the Feng Shui aura of the home and affect the mood and mood of the family. But in fact, it’s not that you can’t use red in your home. Instead, you can appropriately use some red as an embellishment color, which can make the style of your home more unique and the Feng Shui aura of your home better. But red can not be used in a large area. After all, red is used too much, which is bad for home feng shui

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