How to open the toilet door

Feng Shui believes that the wrong location of the toilet door may also have an adverse impact on the family’s fortunes

1. not directly opposite to the door

in the house, the door of the bathroom should not be directly opposite to the door, otherwise it will cause a disaster of tongue and mouth and lead to a bad career

2. not opposite to the bedroom door

if it is opposite to the bedroom door and is attacked by foul gas, it may cause various diseases. In particular, rushing directly into the bed will lead to pain in the hedged parts, such as feet, waist and head

3. do not face the stove

for the health of the hostess at home, especially to maintain a comfortable mood, the bathroom door should not face the stove. If the bathroom door faces the desk, it will make people uneasy and unable to concentrate on study and reading

4. it is not appropriate to face the throne

in addition, if the door of the bathroom is facing the throne enshrined at home, it is easy to commit villains in work and life

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