How to stop bad luck in the kitchen and bathroom

In Feng Shui, the kitchen and bathroom are regarded as unlucky places, which should be paid special attention to. The kitchen and bathroom cannot be connected, and the ground cannot be higher than the living room. The door of the bathroom cannot face the door of the door, corridor and kitchen, let alone set them in the middle of the room, which is easy to form bad luck and the owner of the room is easy to get sick

in addition, since the villa has at least two floors, the bathroom design of the villa should be planned according to the whole villa, and the impact of the bathroom on the upper and lower floors of the villa needs to be specially considered

in Feng Shui, there is a close relationship between the upper and lower floors. Due to the large number of floors, each floor of the general villa will be equipped with a separate bathroom. At this time, it must be noted that the bathroom on the upper floor must not be located above the bedroom on the lower floor, which will lead to the air pollution upstairs scattered into the bedroom downstairs, thus affecting the health and fortune of residents

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