How to dissolve the gate facing the telegraph pole

In Feng Shui, it’s a very bad situation that the front of the door is facing the light pole and electric pole. First of all, standing in front of the door, light poles and electric poles seem to fall down at any time and strike the house in the head, which will create a sense of tension and oppression in the heart. In Feng Shui, they are regarded as evil, which is called ” Hanging needle BRAKE ” ;. The long-term impact of this evil spirit will cause residents’ mental tension and poor mood, which will affect residents’ health

secondly, the gate faces the lamp post, and the street lamp light may shoot into the door or window at night to form ” Fierce light day and night, Bad luck for home

if it’s facing the pole, it’s possible that the wire also goes straight to the door. Although the electric wire is considered as virtual water, the water flows directly into the house, and there is a risk of being submerged in the gas field. Moreover, the electric wire is generally in midair. If the house is a bungalow or located on the ground floor, it will form a situation of water overflowing the roof, which is very unlucky. In this case, it’s best to put some evil things in front of the door, or use a screen to block the door to dissolve the impact of evil Qi

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