What kind of environment outside the window is not suitable for living

If the landscape outside the window is some fierce places mentioned in Feng Shui, the ominous atmosphere of these places will have a great impact on house transportation. So, what places are often called fierce places by Feng Shui experts? In fact, we have mentioned this more or less in some previous chapters. Generally speaking, the place where the door is not right is often not suitable for facing the window

first of all, we should avoid places that affect the health of family members, such as garbage dumps, cemeteries, funeral homes, slaughterhouses, vegetable markets, hospitals, temples, churches and other places

the second is to avoid places that affect the family’s academic and career development, such as roads, government organs, administrative buildings and so on

finally, there are some places that will affect the financial luck of the house. For example, running water outside the window or roads in the shape of reverse bow will lose money, which should also be avoided

if it is really unavoidable, different evil spirits have different solutions, which we will talk about later, but generally speaking, in the face of these scenes, a pot of cactus in the window can play a certain role in blocking evil spirits

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