What role does the gate play in residential Feng Shui

In residential Feng Shui, the gate is considered to be the first important part of the house and the air outlet of the house, which is known as ” Throat ” , Therefore, the traditional curtilage book records: ” The first heavy door of the Yangzhai” ; The design of the gate is directly related to the transportation of the house

first of all, the gate is the first important air outlet of the house. The air exchange inside and outside the house depends on the gate, which has a great impact on the gas field of the whole house

secondly, the gate is the inevitable way for family members to communicate with the outside world. The design of the gate will affect the neighborhood relationship of residents and the interpersonal relationship of family members in study and work Thirdly, the gate is the facade of a house, which represents the overall image of the house. If the gate is not designed well, the feng shui of the whole house will be involved

in addition, once the orientation and orientation of the gate are selected, it is difficult to change, and the various buildings facing outside the gate will also have a great impact on the feng shui of the gate. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing and avoid being disturbed by all kinds of evil spirits

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