Does keeping pets at home have an impact on residential Feng Shui

Everything in the world has a certain Feng Shui energy, both people and things, so everything at home will affect the Feng Shui aura of the whole house. For example, many people like to keep pets at home. Will pets also affect Feng Shui? Here is a brief introduction about the impact of keeping pets on residential Feng Shui

  1. Pet variety

when raising pets, you should pay attention to what kind of pets you are suitable for. For example, most pets are dogs, but not all people are suitable for dogs. For example, people who belong to the Chinese Zodiac dragon, the Chinese Zodiac chicken, the Chinese Zodiac sheep and the Chinese Zodiac cow are not suitable for raising dogs, which is mainly due to the combined relationship between the zodiac signs. Different Zodiac people have different pets. Before raising pets, you must consider what pets you are suitable for, otherwise it will have a great impact on your luck

  2. Which fortunes are affected by pets

the fortunes affected by different pets will also vary greatly. It is generally considered in the introduction to Feng Shui that ” The dog owns the peach blossom, and the cat owns the wealth, To put it simply, keeping a dog at home can lead to good fortune, while keeping a cat at home can enhance wealth, so we can also choose pets according to our own needs

  3. The influence of pets on Feng Shui

generally, keeping pets at home will strengthen the Feng Shui aura in the house, but the strength of the strengthening, or the quality of the influence, lies in the pet itself in the final analysis. If pets are cute, lively, docile and give people a feeling of vitality, it will naturally be helpful to residential Feng Shui. On the contrary, if the pet is dead or ferocious, it will be destructive to residential Feng Shui

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