How to put the shoe cabinet in the porch

The shoe cabinet is placed at the entrance. In terms of the functional setting of furniture, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of guests and change shoes, the shoe cabinet is generally placed at the bottom of the entrance, with a height of no more than one meter. The shoe cabinet is generally set at 3 ~ 5 floors. The number of floors is too many, which is inconvenient to put shoes and take shoes, and the number of floors is too few, which can not effectively place shoes. Therefore, it is best to be moderate. The shoe cabinet should not be too tall. Its height should not exceed the height of the head of household. The shoe cabinet should have a door. If the shoes are stacked randomly without door cover, it will hinder the view

placing the shoe cabinet at the entrance is conducive to Feng Shui, because in traditional Chinese characters, there is a way to express relevant meanings through homophony, ” Shoes ” ; And ” Harmonic ” ; Homophone, ” Harmonic ” ; The word means harmony and coordination. In Feng Shui, it means to pray for peace in the house and harmony between families. Moreover, the shoes are placed in pairs, which also indicates that the husband and wife sing harmoniously and grow old together, which is conducive to the harmony and happiness of the family. The shelves in the cabinet are mostly inclined. When placing shoes, put the toe up and take ” Step by step ” ; Meaning

unless the shoes are placed outdoors, the dirt and dust trampled outdoors will follow the shoes into the room. At this time, placing a carpet can remove less dirt, and can also be used as a space partition to kill two birds with one stone. In addition, placing a chair that can wear and take off shoes can also achieve the effect of excessive space. Avoid feeling heavy. The porch does not have to use large and heavy cabinets. In fact, some simple shelves or hollow bricks are used to make the vision penetrate, and the porch will be much easier

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