What kind of landscape painting is good at home

On the issue of indoor decoration, many details also need our attention. If you decorate Feng Shui painting indoors, you know what needs to be paid attention to. What about Feng Shui painting for indoor decoration? Let’s have a look

what is the meaning of Feng Shui painting

indoor decoration Fengshui painting?

landscape painting is a part of the overall home decoration design. It is the essence of feng shui theory and can be transformed into a practical method collocation with interior decoration. From the decoration of living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, furniture and home decoration, Feng Shui layout, from career, health, love to the improvement of family fortune, everyone must do it, but everyone can use Feng Shui painting on the spot to improve the quality of life and fortune at home

in short, one is Feng Shui and the other is decoration. Aesthetic orientation and taking care of the living room ecosystem are very necessary. Poetry cloud room elegant why big, flower fragrance is not much. The use of Feng Shui painting is not much, but in the essence. The beauty lies in the adjustment of Feng Shui conditions and turning stone into gold. In the same viewing space, it makes up for the deficiency of the main house in Feng Shui, and reflects a good situation that pays attention to the balance of ecological environment and artistic harmony, so as to basically improve the quality of life. Because Feng Shui painting can remedy the five elements of fate, Feng Shui painting is more common. It can be hung in guests, restaurants, study or toilets, or show atmosphere or elegance, pleasing to the eyes and eyes Imagine: in a room decorated with Feng Shui paintings, when others enter, they can feel the strong artistic atmosphere and incomparably comfortable. In fact, there are Feng Shui mysteries hidden in each painting. Only the owner of the house knows that it is a good ecological mystery. This feeling is really wonderful. A good landscape Chinese painting must be magnificent, surrounded by mountains and water, with running water in front and backers behind

landscape paintings generally emphasize that the part of water represents financial resources. Rich water flows for a long time (it has a long history and is inexhaustible), and flowing water, such as waterfalls, is a good sign of continuous flow. The mountains are continuous, that is, the Dragon veins are continuous, high or low, towering or entering, leaping and leaping, showing the momentum of the dragon. The mountain is thick and solid, showing the strong and solid of the dragon vein; Whether in business or business, you will encounter backers

wood means to recruit wealth and prevent disasters. Towering ancient trees, green and luxuriant, showing vitality and exuberance; It can attract wealth, ward off evil spirits and prevent disasters

cloud means auspicious cloud, which is given by heaven. The boundless sea of clouds, the haze and clouds, the surface is moist and fertile, and the purple air comes from the East; The landscape painting is a traditional auspicious painting in China, which means evergreen, backed by mountains, long flow of water (wealth) and peace

the landscape of the cornucopia. It can be seen from the bottom of the painting that all water (wealth) flows to Tanzhong and gathers, but does not flow out, which means gathering wealth

the landscape picture of the cornucopia has a profound meaning: there is a source of wealth in the front and a backer in the back; There is a fortune tree on the left and a disaster tree on the right; profits pouring in from all sides; The red sun symbolizes good luck; The rising sun in the East is magnificent, authoritative and famous. It is suitable for office and business places. Bring you a lot of money” Mountain management personnel, water pipe wealth” ; Therefore, hanging landscape painting is very auspicious

“lt; the advantage of painting in your home is to increase the freshness of your style; Whether you want to increase your enthusiasm for life, improve your feng shui fortune and pray for good luck; Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of the picture alone and wander in the natural harmony of the picture; Whether you are a collector, you will leave endless wealth and treasures for future generations; Or do you simply increase the beauty, harmony and happiness of house decoration” mdash;” mdash; In a tasteful home, how can there be few exquisite calligraphy and painting works of famous masters

I. supplement the wall and add vitality

the decoration with four white floors seems too monotonous. Hanging a calligraphy and painting can not only supplement the wall and beautify the home, but also add a bit of poetic and pictorial flavor to family life, break the boring tone and inject vitality. In addition, some rooms that lack sunlight are prone to depression after being in them for a long time, which must be remedied. For example, hanging green landscape paintings on the dark wall at home can make up for the defects in daylighting. Let the whole home atmosphere live

II. Set off the elegance and connotation of the host, appreciate and enjoy the beauty of art, and strive for self-cultivation and reason

landscape painting ” mdash” mdash; The habitat of the busy mind, often reading, can not only understand the natural way of the unity of heaven and man, but also improve the life taste and self-cultivation of the host at home. Mountains, tall and thick, broad-minded, breed and contain flowers, trees, birds and animals. Looking up at the mountains, people are so small! Water, flexible and low-key, nurtures all things, and is evil to all people without dispute. Watching the stream water quietly, how ugly people are! Landscape painting is an artistic portrayal of natural beauty. It is a contradictory combination of opposites and unity, such as high and low, large and small, rigid and soft. Man is only a small point in nature that is insignificant or even negligible. Therefore, man should integrate into nature and fear nature

III. boost the look of home and adjust family Feng Shui

in fact, the seemingly lifeless calligraphy and painting also has the spirit of five elements. It has a certain aura and can play a certain role in Feng Shui compensation. For example, the five elements of landscape painting belong to water, and it is a good choice for people who lack water to hang a landscape painting at home. In ancient times, Yunshan was in charge of people and money; It is also said that benevolent people love mountains and wise people enjoy water; Mountains depend on, and water flows into wealth. These will also play a role in boosting fortune and improving Feng Shui

IV. create a rich atmosphere and improve fortune

calligraphy and paintings are hung in the living room. In this space of meeting friends and hospitality and family reunion, it not only reflects the hobbies of the home owner, but also represents the owner’s taste, aesthetics, temperament and taste. At the same time, it plays a very important role in improving the look of home and creating a rich atmosphere. Therefore, taking auspicious calligraphy and painting as the decorative painting of the home and hanging it in the living room in order to add icing on the cake and make it prosperous is one of the layout methods of a good home. Example: hanging a landscape painting with sunrise on the east wall of your home will have a good effect of the rising sun in the East

v. it pleases the body and mind and urges people to forge ahead

family is a harbor of happiness. Families full of cultural atmosphere and humanistic atmosphere have more harmonious feelings and life. There are paintings and calligraphy hanging at home, which has certain implications for the growth of children’s hearts; When taking group photos at home, when ” Family meetings ” ; When we meet again after a long separation, calligraphy and painting at home has become a symbol and background to set off happiness and joy, which is vaguely engraved in the memory of home. It’s relaxing to sit down and enjoy it in your spare time

how to choose Feng Shui Painting Indoors

1. You can choose rich and auspicious peony painting. Peony is the national flower of China, a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, and also describes noble and elegant people. Peony is an image that many artists are willing to depict, and use it to express good wishes and yearning for a better life. As a home decoration painting, the general picture should not be too dark, with bright color and fresh and elegant picture. This may be another reason why the rich peony map is very suitable for home decoration

2. You can choose Feng Shui carp chart. Feng Shui with ” Water ” ; For the sake of wealth, and the fish has an auspicious metaphor of surplus every year and surplus every year. Therefore, the Pisces playing in the water picture and the nine fish picture are most suitable to hang on the wall of the living room. Take it ” Recruit wealth ” ; Metaphor. For the selection of Feng Shui carp chart, we must pay attention to the number of carp. 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9 are the best numbers. Taoist talk ” Life two, two, three, three all things ” , These numbers are taken from the meaning of endless life, which is very auspicious; 6 is the meaning of liuliudashun, Fushun and good luck; 9 is to take the meaning of long-term

3. You can choose flowers and birds to draw lotus pictures. Lotus, also known as lotus, implies purity and harmony. It comes out of mud without being stained. Those who believe in Buddhism also imply perfection, kindness and so on. Many times, lotus pictures depict lotus and carp at the same time, implying ” More than ” ; in successive years, It is very suitable for hanging at home as a home decoration painting

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