Pay attention to the problems of Feng Shui in attic decoration

Some families who buy the topmost building in the city will also send a loft directly. In terms of loft decoration, it does not mean that they can decorate as they want, and Feng Shui problems slowly appear in the loft decoration. What about the problems of Feng Shui in attic decoration? Let’s have a look

pay attention to the problems of Feng Shui in attic decoration

pay attention to the precautions of Feng Shui in attic

1. There are usually two shapes of attic, one is double-sided inclined roof, the other is single-sided inclined roof. A spire will appear in both types. From the perspective of the five elements, this kind of pointed house belongs to fire, that is to say, this kind of house contains strong fire elements. We all know that the nature of fire is to burn upward. Such a design will make the gas field in the house gather to the spire and then emit it. It is a feng shui of scattering money. The steeper the slope of the spire, the more prominent this situation will be

2. For people living in such houses, the aura of the five elements fire will be strengthened, and people’s character is easy to become irritable, unstable and changeable. Easy to conflict with people. If you are a person who avoids fire with eight characters and five elements of destiny, their comprehensive fortune will be affected to varying degrees, and career, wealth, marriage, feelings and other aspects may be negatively affected. Only those who hit the five elements and like fire are relatively advantageous

3. Attic houses are not suitable for living as bedrooms, especially for newlyweds. Such a Feng Shui pattern is very easy to stimulate contradictions between husband and wife, resulting in disputes and tongue, which may seriously affect the stability of marriage. After investigation, it is found that although foreigners’ houses have attics, they are usually uninhabited and only used to store goods. The current situation of more people and less land in China and the real estate boom have spawned many attic style bedroom houses. Many people think that the attic bedroom, especially the side roof with bay windows, is very fashionable. You can see the sky when you lie in bed. In fact, it is the taboo in Feng Shui that forms a pattern of sitting on a well and watching the sky. People’s luck is suppressed and easy to fall into negativity

4. In the design of the attic as a bedroom, many people like to put the bed under the inclined roof of the attic, and some beams and ridges pass through the bed. This Feng Shui pattern is extremely unfavorable to people’s health. The inclined roof has the function of forcing and pressing the gas field. People sleeping in bed are often forced and pressed by this gas field, and their health will go from bad to worse. The Feng Shui pattern of beam pressing bed is more likely to cause malignant diseases, and the incidence rate is very fast

5. In the design of many villas, the top floor will be designed in the style of attic. On the one hand, for the consideration of design style, on the other hand, it is also related to the plot ratio of developers. For those who can afford a villa, there is usually no shortage of houses. It is suggested that such friends should not design the attic as a bedroom, but as a storage room, gym and other functional rooms

Feng Shui that should be paid special attention to when decorating the attic

first, the stair slope of the attic should be small

in order to achieve the purpose of gathering Qi and nourishing qi, the stair slope of the attic should be as small as possible. If the space is large, you can use broken line stairs with rest platforms, or more comfortable and beautiful arc ladders. For the space with relatively small space, space saving spiral stairs are a good choice

Second, the inclined roof of the attic should be flat

the attic of the villa has to face the problem of inclined roof. Generally, it is no problem to design an orderly and flat inclined roof, but if it is disorderly uplift, disorderly inclination, and the structural beam is pulled disorderly, we should pay attention to it. In case of such a sloping roof, it is suggested to cover up and fill it up as much as possible, and do not expose the sense of skewness, which will make people lose their spirit

III. The overall tone of the attic should be warm

the decoration color selection of the attic should be determined according to the space. The attic is almost always low at one or both ends. It is recommended to use warm and light colors for decoration, such as orange red, bright yellow, etc. And coffee, black, walnut and other too deep and heavy colors will bring a dull feeling and should not be used

IV. the situation of beam capping must be avoided

Feng Shui ” Beam capping ” ; It’s unlucky to say that if a person is in this Feng Shui for a long time, he is easy to lose money and lose his body. When planning and decorating the attic, the top pressing of beams must be avoided

the Feng Shui decoration of the attic must know the problem

because of the location of the attic, there are inherent deficiencies in the collection of earth gas, which is really a problem. Regardless of whether it is used as a bedroom, the attic is also a part of the house after all. It should be used in the same way. Even if the structure is poor and the light is dark, you can’t always be idle, and something is equal to nothing. If so, Isn’t there a suspicion of violence. In short, you can still use it, but you need to adjust its Qi field in the future. For example, you can raise flowers and grass here, or place Qi gathering objects such as crystal balls and Feng Shui wheels; Replenish qi ” ; The effect of. However, air replenishment is not a master key, but also needs to be distinguished. Buildings with less than 7 floors are commonly known as small high-rise buildings today. The attic of small high-rise buildings can not be used as bedrooms, and there is no need to replenish air. Buildings with more than 7 floors need to replenish air. Buildings with more than 15 floors are not suitable for living at all

as it is an independent house built close to the ground, there is no hidden worry of insufficient land atmosphere in the attic of the villa, but it has to face the problem of inclined roof. From my experience, seven or eight of the attics of new villas are inclined roof structures. The so-called inclined roof can be divided into two types. One is orderly tilting, the central uplift, and the four sides sag in proportion, resulting in slopes. This is often designed, so the visual effect is very good. There is no problem. I have to pay attention to the second form, disorderly uplift, disorderly tilt, and the structural beams pull disorderly and look up, The ceiling made up of various inclined planes is a little ” It’s terrible ”

in such cases, designers have great potential. They need to open their minds and imagine ways to cover up. In short, this sense of skewness can not be exposed. Although it will inevitably sacrifice a certain height, opponents will probably call it waste. Yes, there is some waste, but it may be avoided if it is the top of the bedroom, If you are using a shelf bed wrapped with a tent, because the inclined roof is blocked by a mosquito net, it is evil to be out of sight. However, the top pressing of the beam must be avoided; Difficult Households “, It’s not a question of waste or no waste

in addition, as the auxiliary floor of the residence, the tone of the attic should not be too deep in the decoration design of the attic. The tone here includes both the wall and the ground, as well as furniture, but mainly the former, because the area is the widest. If the furniture you like is dark, add a few less. Of course, the wall is painted white. In fact, the light color is OK, and the wallpaper is not bad. From the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, it is even better than latex paint, Moreover, sound absorption is also a major feature of wallpaper, so it has always been highly praised by Feng Shui

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