What are the effects of computers, air conditioners and brushes on Feng Shui

Computers are essential items for modern learning, and children almost have one machine for each person. In terms of feng shui knowledge, how to place computers is most beneficial to children’s learning

first of all, according to the Yin Yang and five elements, the computer belongs to fire, while the Wenchang position belongs to wood, which generates fire. Therefore, it is best to place the computer in the Wenchang position, so it can play a role of vigorous Wenchang

secondly, the computer should be placed in a ventilated place, which is easy to dissipate heat and will attract the best Wenchang Yun

finally, because the computer has radiation, it is also a kind of evil spirit, which can be dissolved by placing plants such as cactus next to the computer

with the improvement of living conditions, air conditioners have gradually entered thousands of households. In order to have a comfortable reading environment, many people like to install air conditioners in their study, and the wind blown by air conditioners will affect Feng Shui, so air conditioners should also be carefully arranged. Air conditioning belongs to gold, and gold generates water. Therefore, placing air conditioning in the direction of water is more conducive to the circulation and rise of Feng Shui, which will also bring Wenchang transportation. It’s best to make the wind of the air conditioner blow down and drive Feng Shui from bottom to top. This is conducive to improving children’s learning efficiency

although the brush is no longer a necessity for learning, and few people touch it except practicing calligraphy, the brush is still a necessary prop to assist Wenchang position in Feng Shui in the study. This is because the brush belongs to wood, which is consistent with Wenchang position; The brush hair of the brush belongs to Yin, which is also consistent with Wenchang position. Therefore, hanging a brush in Wenchang can improve the luck of Wenchang. The divination number of Wenchang position is 4, so hanging 4 brushes in Wenchang position has the best effect

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