Why is Feng Shui the best way to open windows

In modern residential design, there are many ways to open windows, such as push-pull, inward, outward, upward, downward, and so on

it is better to open the window outward. This kind of window can be fully opened to achieve the best effect of indoor ventilation, ventilation and daylighting, giving people a clear and comfortable feeling. Moreover, the outward windows are more conducive to absorb the vitality outside the house, promote the transportation of residents and promote the development of residents in their careers

most people get up in the morning or work tired and come to the window to relieve fatigue. Their psychological aura is a process of pushing outward, and the outward opening window helps to promote the residents to discharge their pressure and irritability out of the window

generally, push-pull windows can only be opened in half, which will affect the full play of personal ability; Windows inward will give people a sense of tension and oppression; The upward or downward air flow fluctuates, which is not conducive to the stability of house transportation. When these window opening forms are not very good, you can put pots and plants on the windowsill to help transportation. The outward opening of windows helps to speed up personal journey

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