Several secrets of Feng Shui in the decoration of the balcony in the master bedroom

If the bedroom has a balcony, it will be very comfortable for many people to live with a small balcony! After all, the feng shui of this balcony is connected with the feng shui of the bedroom, and it will also be related to our fortune and the feng shui of the bedroom

the balcony should have curtains

if there is a balcony in the master bedroom, the daylighting effect of the master bedroom will be very good. After all, the balcony is a place with sufficient air circulation and light. The balcony can make the light of the bedroom bright and vigorous! But the bedroom is only a rest space, and the bedroom does not need particularly strong light. Therefore, when the master bedroom is equipped with a small balcony, we must pay attention to the curtain design and decoration of the balcony! Try to choose some curtains with good shading effect, so as to effectively prevent too strong light from affecting the Feng Shui Qi field of the bedroom, thus affecting our sleep

the balcony is decorated into a study

in addition, we can transform the small balcony in the master bedroom into a small study, so that we can have a place to study and work better. And transform the balcony into a study, which can effectively use the space and make the design sense in the bedroom more sufficient. Such design and arrangement can not only solve the needs of our life, but also meet the requirements of Feng Shui. Why not

don’t pile sundries on the balcony

there are some people who don’t pay much attention to life experience and quality, and don’t pay much attention to the decoration design of the balcony. Many times, people regard the balcony as a place for stacking sundries, stacking some small sundries in the balcony, or placing some infrequent things! But in fact, sundries can not be placed in the balcony. The accumulation of sundries will produce foul gas, and the formation of foul gas will not be conducive to the Feng Shui gas field, and these foul gas may even affect the feng shui of the bedroom, causing a very serious impact on the gas field of the bedroom itself; In this way, the health and fortune of the bedroom owner are threatened! Therefore, in any case, do not put sundries in the balcony

plants can be placed on the balcony

in the decoration of the balcony, we also need to pay attention to the decoration of the balcony environment. Among them, we can choose to place some small plants on the balcony and install the balcony into a small garden. In this way, we can not only have a decorative effect, but also cultivate our sentiment and have a good mood every day. However, it should be noted that too many plants should not be placed on the balcony, especially some climbing rattan plants. When there are too many and too dense plants, the plants will block the light and hinder the circulation of air, which is unfavorable to the feng shui of the bedroom

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