How to transform the balcony into a part of the living room

Sometimes, when the living room is small and the balcony area is large, some families will transform part or all of the balcony into the living room in order to make effective use of the space, so as to make the living room more spacious and bright, which is a reasonable space modification method. However, in the process of transformation, people should pay special attention to the following aspects:

P “gt; the wall of the building should be carefully considered, so as not to cause “gt; damage to the wall structure, or even

“gt; in the process of building reconstruction

2. heavy objects should not be placed in the transformation part

it is better not to place heavy objects in the balcony part of the living room, such as sofa, cabinet, rockery, etc. The bearing capacity of the balcony itself is not as good as that of ordinary rooms, so there may be potential safety hazards

3. cleverly hide the beam

when the balcony is changed to the living room, there is usually a beam separating the two. If it is allowed to exist, it will not only affect the view, but also damage Feng Shui. The solution is to install a false ceiling and skillfully hide the beam. Although the installation of false ceiling is unfavorable to Feng Shui, it is always better than beam capping. However, it should be noted that the original beam should not be placed with three stars of fortune and longevity or any lucky mascot, otherwise it will damage wealth

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