Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of old people’s houses

The rooms of the elderly at home must be arranged warm. It is very important to choose the basic color of the room. The color of the room should be aimed at the special psychology of the elderly, which is most conducive to the health of the elderly. The Feng Shui taboo on the decoration of the old people’s house mentioned that we should pay attention to the cold colors, such as blue and black, which are not suitable for the decoration of the old people’s house. When people grow old, their Qi will decline, their Yang Qi will gradually decrease and their Yin Qi will gradually rise

the elderly themselves lack Yang Qi and are vulnerable to evil Qi. The cold color will aggravate the Yin Qi in the elderly’s room and accelerate the Yang Qi failure of the elderly. Moreover, the elderly are afraid of the cold. In addition to the necessary heating equipment, the warm color can drive out the cold in the house to a certain extent, and the cold color will make the elderly feel colder

in addition, the cold color will have a very bad impact on the psychology of the elderly, and too cold color is not suitable for the elderly room, because living in the cold color room will deepen the loneliness in the elderly’s heart, and living in the psychological state of loneliness and depression for a long time will seriously affect the health of the elderly. In addition, we should try to avoid placing most metal objects in the elderly room, because metal objects have cold texture and stiff touch, and are not suitable for creating a warm atmosphere in the elderly room

light, elegant and warm colors should be used. The elderly hope to live a peaceful life in their old age. Therefore, the elderly room should create a relaxed, warm and warm atmosphere, which can make the elderly calm and calm. Therefore, it is most suitable to adopt elegant and warm colors, which are just in line with their mood of enjoying their old age. Therefore, the decoration color of the old people’s house had better avoid the cold color, and choose rice white, light yellow, light gray, light brown and other colors that make people feel warm and peaceful

do not use too bright colors. Too much bright decoration, especially bright red, will stimulate the nerves of the elderly and make their spirit in an excited state. They can’t even enjoy quiet in their own room. Over time, it will lead to poor spirit, depressed mood, neurasthenia and damage the health of the elderly

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