Design of leisure life hall

Modern people use new ways and ideas to interpret the meaning of life. They should not only devote themselves to work, but also relax completely. They should not become a machine that only works, nor a parasite that only enjoys life. In this case, various leisure life halls came into being. In order to better win consumers, some operators often skillfully use some Feng Shui means in design to create a more comfortable and leisure environment

the design of leisure life hall and Feng Shui require an elegant, fresh and pleasant environment, which will not only increase the interest of guests, but also bring comfortable and leisure feeling to guests, and increase the patronage index of consumers. At present, there are three types of leisure and life halls on the market: sports projects mainly include gym, bowling room, golf course, heavily fortified Pearl Room, tennis ball room, swimming pool (both indoor, outdoor and indoor); Beauty and bodybuilding projects mainly include barber shop, beauty salon, massage room, sauna room, etc; Entertainment projects mainly include game rooms, chess and card rooms, dance halls, various bars, etc. No matter what kind of life Museum, from the perspective of operation, we should pay attention to the design of life Museum and Feng Shui, so that the leisure Museum has distinctive uniqueness and smooth luck, and welcomes visitors from all over the world

(1) environmental design of leisure life Pavilion

environmental design is very key to the feng shui of leisure life Pavilion. Good environmental design can make the leisure life Pavilion beautiful and generous, so as to attract a large number of customers. On the contrary, the leisure life museum that does not pay attention to environmental design certainly gives people a bad feeling, so it can only be operated in a dismal manner

the general layout of a general leisure and life hall is composed of a small building square, a parking lot, sculptures, indoor and outdoor activity places. Due to the limited area of the base, most of the leisure life halls have tennis courts, swimming pools, roof gardens, etc. on the roof plane. Environmental design should strive for good landscape effect and improve environmental quality. A good landscape will bring good physical and mental enjoyment to guests and make them linger and forget to return. The business of leisure life hall is bound to prosper day by day

(2) exterior design of leisure life Pavilion

many leisure life pavilions are at a certain distance from the prosperous market. In order to succeed in business activities in such an area, we should start from many aspects such as environmental design Feng Shui, exterior design Feng Shui and indoor design Feng Shui of life Pavilion, so as to make it unique, make it easy for consumers to identify and generate consumption desire

due to the different size of the leisure life Museum, the overall design is also different. Anyway, its appearance itself is a kind of publicity, sign and symbol. Therefore, before starting to build the hardware structure of the leisure life Museum, we should think about the appearance of the leisure life Museum so that it can become the representative of the leisure life Museum

in the appearance design, the entrance of the leisure life hall is very important. Whether the business of leisure life hall is good or bad, this part can play a key role of 30-50%. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the feng shui design of the vestibule. The design and formation of the gate shall meet the requirements of local climatic conditions, folk customs and magnetic orientation. In addition, the size, location and quantity of the gates of the leisure life hall with different business characteristics are different. The key point is that the entrance and exit are smooth and comfortable, the appearance is fascinating, and shows the unique signs or characteristics of the leisure life hall

the unique appearance of the leisure hall, whether in height, advertising or special architectural style, may be a sightseeing spot, which is of positive help to the operation of the store. The color of the appearance of the leisure hall can set off the whole appearance effect, especially the decoration or neon lights, potted plants and decorative strips, which have highly enhanced publicity effect

(3) Interior Design of leisure life Pavilion

the interior of leisure life pavilion has no juice with ” Gas ” ; ” Balance principle ” ; As the basis, both the form and shape of decoration, the combination of colors and the use of materials are based on ” Balance principle ” ; Interior design is an art of creating beauty. At the same time, the designer is also the creator of good environment and good feng shui

to create good feng shui in the leisure Museum, first avoid door-to-door, otherwise it will lead to relative airflow, ” Gas field ” ; It will leak and collide with each other, making the guest’s mood impetuous. The solution is to place a large floor screen in an appropriate place so that the air flow can rotate and turn

secondly, we should pay attention to the design of the walkway in the leisure Museum and keep the moving line smooth. Note that there should not be too many walkways. It’s best to take the hall as the center and reach each individual room in all directions. Don’t go around, or go through a room and then enter a room. The pattern of non smooth moving line is unlucky. The walkway should not be too narrow. Being too narrow will make people feel cramped. The spacious walkway makes people feel quiet and warm. Such commercial space can bring people wealth. Walkways cannot have ” ” ; The zigzag corridor cannot run through the whole space. If the corridor divides the interior into two parts, it is a fierce situation

thirdly, the interior design should pay attention to the principle of balance to make the indoor space and air in a stable state. In all aspects of the decoration project, the balance in the layout relationship of various objects mainly refers to the sense of balance obtained in vision. Because in the visual form, different modeling, color, material and other elements will cause different quality feelings. There are two methods to deal with the balance: symmetric balance and asymmetric balance. The so-called symmetrical balance means that the shape and position on both sides or around the central point of the picture are exactly the same. For example, a TV set is placed in the middle of a long table, and flowers of the same size are placed in relative positions on both sides, which is the form of balance. Hanging a group of pictures on both sides of the wall is also a way of symmetrical balance. The symmetrical balance formed by the symmetrical way gives people a sense of solemnity and stability, but the disadvantage is that it is too rigid. Asymmetric balance refers to the phenomenon that in a form of balance, two relative parts are different, but they feel similar in quantity and volume. For example, when decorating, there is a contrast and unity relationship formed by multiple circles, and there is a group of pictures hanging on the wall, in which the pictures on both sides are not composed of one, but composed of two or more, but the area after composition is the same as that of one picture. Another example is a group of furnishings centered on the sofa, with side tables and lamps on the left and green plant potted plants on the right. If there is little difference in the sense of quantity and body between the two, it can form an asymmetric balance effect. Asymmetrical balance is more vivid than symmetrical balance

(4) toilet of leisure life Pavilion

hygiene Feng Shui is an important part of Feng Shui in leisure life Pavilion, which can directly affect the health of guests. The central part of the amusement park should not be asked for hygiene, otherwise it will be like the accumulation of waste in the human heart, which will be more or less bad. If the toilet is not in the center, but in the center of the back half of the space, just in line with the gate, it is not suitable to use, because it is likely to lead to money loss. The inappropriate places for setting the toilet can be summarized as follows:

① the door of the toilet should not collide with the door

② the toilet should be hidden. It should not be directly facing or in line with the gate

③ the toilet should only be set at the edge of the corridor, not at the end of the corridor

④ sanitation should be kept clean, with sufficient light, and the exhaust fan should be normally open

⑤ the sanitation department should keep the air in circulation, so that the turbid gas can be discharged more easily and keep the air fresh

⑥ the bathroom is a humid place. For privacy, most of them only open a small window, which often leads to insufficient ventilation and lighting. If the bathroom in a consumer place is not clean, it is difficult to retain customers

⑦ pay attention to the quality of materials used, and at least avoid using some toxic and radioactive materials. In addition, the connection between toilet and people is the most direct. Modern toilet must emphasize the refinement of functions, have good communication indoors and outdoors, and take care of daylighting and ventilation. Interesting changes should be made on the wall and top of the sanitary table. For example, wood should be used locally, glass basin should be used to increase the sense of permeability, pictures should be hung on the wall, and flowers, leaves and stems should be placed on the dressing table. The surrounding green can make the guests feel white

(5) the hall color of the leisure life hall

the hall of the leisure life hall should make people feel cheerful, bright, comfortable and elegant, and make guests feel at home, then the color tone of the hall should use warm colors, such as beige, orange, light rose red, etc., to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. If you want to study a little, you can use the gold white, wood green, fire red and earth yellow implied by the orientation of the hall as the color standard

in the North Hall, the wall can be light green or water blue, and the curtains should not be too bright. In the hall located in the northeast, the wall can be light yellow, the sofa can be coffee, and the curtain cloth can be yellow as the background color, with coffee or other dark patterns. For the hall located in the northwest or west, the wall can be white, or some light colored patterns can be painted on the white background, and the curtains can be golden yellow and lined with white transparent tulle. In the South Hall, the wall can also be light green, and the curtain cloth can be a little brighter. Not in the two South halls, the wall can be light yellow, similar to the hall in the northeast. In the hall located in the southeast, the wall can be grass green, and the curtains can be painted with flowers and trees or green bamboo. In the hall in the East, the wall can be lavender or light blue

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