Where should the exhaust fan be installed in the kitchen

Where should the exhaust fan be installed in the kitchen

The exhaust fan should be installed above the stove or cooktop in the kitchen. This allows for efficient ventilation of cooking fumes, smoke, and other pollutants. It is important to ensure the exhaust fan is properly sized for the kitchen and vented to the outside to prevent air quality issues and potential health hazards.

The exhaust fan in the kitchen is primarily used to absorb oil fumes and discharge them outside the house. Functioning like a small fan, it continuously rotates while in use. In terms of yin and yang attributes, the exhaust fan belongs to yang, and its element is gold. To ensure maximum efficiency, it is generally installed at the top of the window near the stove, but not too low, as this could hinder complete emission of oil fumes. Since the exhaust fan only eliminates oil fumes at the bottom, upward oil fumes are not completely eliminated. Additionally, the exhaust fan should be positioned in the direction of the wind to allow for the effective discharge of oil fumes. If the wind is against it, there is a risk of oil fumes being pushed back into the house.

It is advisable to set the exhaust fan in the orientation of WANGJIN, which means the orientation of gold or the orientation of generating gold. Because the exhaust fan belongs to the gold element, it is best to locate it in the directions of west and northwest, which are the orientations of gold. Alternatively, it can be placed in the directions of northeast and southwest, which are the orientations of soil, an element that generates gold. Choosing the right orientation for your exhaust fan enhances the flow of indoor wealth and helps to make the house prosperous.

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