Where should the exhaust fan be installed in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the exhaust fan is mainly used to absorb oil fume and discharge it outside the house. The house is a little similar to a small fan. It rotates continuously when working. It belongs to Yang in the attribute of yin and Yang, and the five elements belong to gold. The exhaust fan is generally installed at the top of the window near the stove, which should not be too low, otherwise it is not conducive to the complete emission of oil fume

because the exhaust fan only emits the oil fume at the bottom, the upward oil fume is not completely eliminated. The exhaust fan should be located along the direction of the wind, so that the oil fume can be discharged with the help of the direction of the wind. Otherwise, if the wind is against, the oil fume may be poured into the house

in addition, in terms of the orientation selection of the exhaust fan, because the exhaust fan belongs to gold, it is best to set the exhaust fan in the orientation of WANGJIN, that is, the orientation of gold or the orientation of generating gold. The orientation of gold is the West and northwest, and the orientation of gold is the orientation of soil, that is, northeast and southwest. Therefore, the exhaust fan is best selected in these directions, which is conducive to the exhaust fan to enhance the flow of indoor wealth and make the house prosperous

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