What are the taboos of the chandelier above the dining table

In general, when arranging restaurant lights, for the lighting during dining, they like to arrange chandeliers above the table. Many people don’t know what to pay attention to. So, when arranging chandeliers above the table, what are the taboos of chandeliers above the table? One feng shui master will introduce you to Feng Shui about restaurant lights

chandeliers should not use candle shaped chandeliers. Candle shaped chandeliers refer to lamps that imitate the shape of candles, which are poetic and picturesque like lighting candles during meals, but in fact, this is not conducive to Feng Shui, because ancient candles were often used for funerals or worship gods and Buddhas, and white lights are even more ominous. If it is yellow light, it will be better. Although the red light looks festive, the red light is easy to make people have a confusing psychedelic feeling, which is not suitable

the chandelier above the dining table must be directly above the dining table in the physical position, and the light shines on the dining table. Remember not to be directly above the dining chair, otherwise people will be injured by the light beam, which will affect the owner’s journey and be vulnerable to injury. Of course, if the lamps in the restaurant have been installed and are above the dining chair, the position of the dining chair can be moved to resolve it

the table texture should not be marble and glass

the table made of marble and glass is hard and cold. Although it has a strong sense of art, it is not conducive to the sitting and communication of diners because it is easy to quickly absorb the energy generated by human diet, so it should not be used for the main table. The dining table is most forbidden to have sharp corners. The more sharp the angle is, the sharper the urination is. Because the triangular table will lead to family discord, the health of the family will be damaged, and the prismatic table will lead to money leakage. As for those wavy water-shaped dining tables, although they are inconsistent with the tradition, they can be reluctantly selected because they have no sharp corners

the dining table and chair should not be pressed by the lamp

because when someone is sitting, the lamp pressure head will naturally form, which will sound the activity of thinking and is not conducive to the development of the career. The dining table should not face the door directly. It is easy to leak money. Residential Feng Shui pays attention to ” Like to whirl and avoid going straight ” , If there is an attack, it will lead to the easy release of the vitality of residents, and feng shui will be greatly affected. If the dining table is in line with the door, standing outside the door, you can see a family eating, which is by no means appropriate. The dining table should not be facing the kitchen. The kitchen often emits oil fume and the temperature is relatively high. The dining table is opposite, which is harmful to the health of his family, such as psychological conditions such as upset and grumpy

lighting lamps should be installed

chandeliers with unique shape, soft light and elegant color should be placed above the dining table. The light light is quietly reflected on the steaming dishes, which can stimulate people’s appetite, create a warm atmosphere of becoming a monk, and promote the physical and mental health of their families. The most direct function of the lamp on the dining table is to facilitate daily meals

bright lights should be used

restaurants should generally use bright colors and soft lights. Feng Shui believes that bright colors can bring a lively atmosphere, promote people’s appetite and increase the fun of dining. At the same time, it can also enhance people’s luck and wealth. In terms of Feng Shui environment, sufficient sunshine will make the family road more and more prosperous, so the restaurant had better open a window in the south to facilitate daylighting. The restaurant should be equipped with chandeliers with unique shape, soft light and elegant color

the light should be soft

Chinese people pay attention to eating ” Color, fragrance and taste ” ; Complete, but good food will be much worse without proper lighting. Therefore, restaurant lighting is very important. The modeling of lamps and lanterns should not be too cumbersome, and it is appropriate to use convenient and practical up-down moving lamps and lanterns. Luminous holes can also be used to save space and add warmth through soft light

warm color system should be used

for restaurant color, it is best to use the warmest color system, which can stimulate appetite, increase energy and be beneficial to health. In addition, the placement of plants can also enhance the Yang and wealth of the family

restaurant chandelier is a kind of lighting equipment installed in every restaurant, and attention should be paid to the hanging of restaurant chandelier, because the layout of restaurant chandelier will affect the Feng Shui fortune of the whole restaurant

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