Feng Shui studies the decoration and furnishings of rental houses

The house is rented, but life is your own. Even if the house is not our own, it carries our life and our life; Therefore, some people who pursue life will carefully arrange their rental houses and create a good living environment! In the decoration and furnishings of rental houses, you must pay attention to Feng Shui

decoration and furnishings of bedridden

bedridden has a great impact on individuals, because bedridden is our charging station and our place to rest. The feng shui of bedridden is not only related to personal sleep quality and physical health, but also related to the development of personal fortune! Therefore, for the decoration and decoration of bedridden, you must pay careful attention, not a little careless! Feng Shui believes that the layout of bed facing west is taboo, and the layout of bed head facing west will not only affect our blood circulation during sleep, but also cause us to sleep uneasily, thus affecting our health! In addition, the bed furnishings also need to pay attention not to look at the mirror. When the bed is facing the mirror furnishings, it is easy to cause nervous tension and damage to the vitality of the family

decoration and decoration of the porch

the porch is widely used in life. More and more people like to decorate the porch in the rental house, and there are many knowledge about the decoration and decoration of the porch. According to Feng Shui, under normal circumstances, it is not suitable to set up a porch in the rental house. The porch is set up at the entrance door, which can easily lead to different gas fields of the rental house and easily affect the gas receiving, prosperous transportation and gas field circulation of the rental house. Therefore, when there are no Feng Shui defects or problems in the rental house, it is not necessary to set up a porch in the rental house! However, if there is a piercing spirit or hall spirit in the rental house, or there is evil spirit outside the rental house, a porch can be set up at the entrance door, so that the porch can play a role of partition and help the rental house dissolve these evil spirits

decoration and furnishings of the restaurant

in the decoration of the rental house, you can’t despise the decoration and furnishings of the rental house. Feng Shui believes that the decoration of the restaurant should pay attention to the use of color, and it is not suitable to use cold color to decorate the restaurant, because the restaurant is a place where families gather for dinner, and the cold color will form a cold atmosphere, which may affect the harmonious and warm family atmosphere at home; In addition, the color of the cold color system will also reduce the appetite of the family! Relatively speaking, some warm colors can be used in the restaurant, which can enhance the feelings of family members; Second, it can improve the appetite of the family; In addition, the layout of the dining table in the restaurant also needs to pay attention to one or two. Generally speaking, the restaurant is more suitable for setting round tables and square tables, and some tables with strange shapes cannot be set in the restaurant

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