Feng Shui study of housing decoration

The place where you live is the area where you live, and the area where you live is always related to your luck in this life. Whether your luck is good or bad, it will be related to the Feng Shui aura around you. In other words, if the Feng Shui atmosphere of your living environment is very good, then your luck will also be very good; So many people want to decorate a house with good feng shui. In that case, you might as well take a look at the feng shui knowledge of house decoration

beam capping affects health

beam capping is a very ferocious pattern. Beam capping will not only destroy the feng shui of the home, but also affect the emotional and physical health of the family. Therefore, beam capping cannot occur in the decoration of the home! In particular, the bed, dining table, desk, sofa and stove at home must not be pressed by the beam, otherwise the feng shui will be poor, the luck will be bad, and the body will have a lot of problems. If there are beams in your home and they are just above these positions, you can design the ceiling and ceiling to cover the beams, so that you can resolve such bad feng shui aura

the bathroom affects the health of the bed

nowadays, in many houses, people like to design the bathroom in the bedroom, and the general master bedroom will also be equipped with a bathroom. Such suite design is very convenient for our daily life. However, there are many problems to pay attention to and be careful in the decoration of bedroom with bathroom! Feng Shui believes that the bathroom facing the head of the bed will cause a Feng Shui aura harmful to human health! Because the bathroom is a wet and dirty place. When the bathroom is facing the head of the bed, these moisture, dirty gas, including some bacteria, can easily enter the human body, thus damaging the health of the human body. Therefore, if there is a bathroom in the bedroom, the position of the bathroom can not face the head of the bed

the opening direction of the room is different

in a house, there will be at least two or three rooms. According to Feng Shui, the opening direction of the room in the house must be the same. In other words, all rooms need to open in the same direction. If the door opening directions in the room are different, one from left to right and one from right to left, this pattern will cause disharmony in the Feng Shui aura of the home, which will damage the fortune of the family

the bathroom should also have windows

many people think that the bathroom can have windows or not, but in fact, there must be a window in the bathroom! Windows can help the bathroom ventilation, can help the circulation of the bathroom air field, can dredge the foul gas in the bathroom, and can also let the bathroom get sunlight, so as to play the role of sterilization! For example, there is no window in the bathroom, which will only lead to the accumulation of foul gas in the bathroom and cannot be evacuated. These foul gases accumulate day by day, which will only affect the feng shui of the home

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