How about installing columns in the living room

The living room design of modern residence often integrates the western design style. Feng Shui is actually closely related to people’s ideas. It is likely that the same things will have a great impact on residential Feng Shui in different places, especially in China and the West. Traditional ideas must be considered when choosing western style. The column design of the living room is the most obvious example. There are no columns in traditional Chinese houses. The designer’s use of European columns can make the house more beautiful and elegant

first of all, columns are generally only suitable for villas or houses with a large area, which can increase the style of the living room, while the installation of columns in ordinary houses will affect the feng shui of the living room. Why? The column occupies a lot of space. If the living room is not large enough, the installation of the column will appear narrow and small, and the channel mouth will give people a sense of depression. In addition, the living room column cannot be a white column

Feng Shui has ” Shout and drink like ” ; First, things that make people have bad associations are not conducive to residential Feng Shui. The white round column will remind people of white candles, which were mostly used in funerals in ancient times and were very unlucky items. It’s easy to associate with family health

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