What is the best material for furniture and decoration

When we decorate and buy furniture, we should also pay attention to the selection of materials. No matter how to convert, natural materials are the best. Therefore, it is best to choose cloth wallpaper, lay solid wood floor and use log furniture. These natural materials can make people feel warm, enhance energy, and make people absorb enough energy

other materials, such as metal, can easily make people feel cold and are not suitable for use at home. Even yellow bronzes are not suitable because of their cold light, so we should try to reduce their opportunities in the home

decoration materials have the same five element attributes as rooms. Bright and hard materials such as glass and metal are masculine, while dark wood and rough surface materials are feminine. Warm colors such as red and purple are positive, while cool colors such as black and green are negative. Only by matching the Yin and Yang attributes of material and color, can we create a good home space with excellent Feng Shui

in addition, the color of the material has five elements. Red is a fire full of vitality and promoting people’s progress, brown symbolizes rational and stable soil, black is water, white is gold, representing calm investment, and green is wood, representing development and growth. When decorating, we should choose the color of materials according to local conditions. In addition, we should also pay attention to avoiding the use of materials harmful to the body, so as to create a healthy home space

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