Children’s room decoration in summer should pay attention to details

As long as you deal with the problems that should be paid attention to in summer decoration, and do every work according to the normal construction process and construction process, you can also make a project to your satisfaction

  1. decoration safety comes first in summer

the temperature is high in summer, and there are many materials stacked on the construction site. From the perspective of safety, the materials should be placed in a cool place as far as possible to avoid fire caused by internal combustion due to poor air circulation and high temperature

in summer, materials should be stacked on the construction site as much as possible, so as to reduce the hidden danger of accidents. In addition, the electrical appliances and tools during operation shall be kept away from the materials as far as possible, and the live working shall be kept away from the materials as far as possible, so as to make a reasonable division between the working area and the material area

  2. frequent ventilation

prevent pollution caused by house decoration in order to avoid decoration pollution in summer ” High incidence period ” ; In addition to selecting harmless and less toxic decoration materials as much as possible and inviting regular decoration companies to construct, we should also do a good job in the ventilation and air purification of the decorated room. If conditions permit, try to ventilate the room as much as possible; If there are no conditions, indoor ventilation devices and air purification devices that can reduce indoor harmful gases can be selected

  3. moisture and sun protection

wood products purchased in summer include construction main material large core board, auxiliary material white wood strip, internal corner line, door edge line, window frame line and skirting board at the lower edge of the wall. The moisture content of wood products needs to be tested. In the building materials market, general wood products franchise stores should have wood moisture content measuring instruments. According to national regulations, the moisture content of standard plates shall not exceed 12%. Relevant people suggest that when purchasing materials in the rainy season, dry ones can be appropriately selected. When the materials enter the site, they can be placed for a day or two to make it the same as the surrounding humidity, which is more suitable for use. In addition, the Board shall be protected from strong sunlight exposure; In case of high humidity in rainy days, moisture-proof and deformation proof measures shall be taken during storage. Don’t put the board and wood in the room with direct sunlight. The exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue for the decoration of wood products. Rain will cause expansion, deformation and even mildew of wood products, so special attention should be paid in daily life

  4. wallpaper and paint should be dried naturally in the shade

paint and wallpaper are commonly used wall decoration materials. In spring, because the air is humid, doors and windows are opened for ventilation in order to dry the walls as soon as possible. Summer is different, because it is dry, so the wallpaper should be soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue. If you want to open doors and windows at this time, let the newly laid wallpaper blow ” Ventilation ” , Wallpaper will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss

attention should be paid to details in the decoration of children’s room in summer:

(1) carpets should not be used on the ground of children’s room. Carpets are easy to absorb dust, which is harmful to health. Solid wood flooring or cork flooring is preferred

(2) the wall of children’s room should be coated with water-soluble, environmental friendly and scrub resistant interior wall paint

(3) children should not be provided with foam jigsaw puzzle to prevent the increase of VOC concentration in indoor air. p”gt;

(4) the door of children’s room should not use the composite door of pistil, so as to avoid the adverse effect of excessive formaldehyde content and release on children’s body in summer. Therefore, it is better to choose solid wood doors, and the paint on the door surface is best to use environmental friendly ones. This is also in line with the way of Feng Shui

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