Behind Shentai is the restaurant Feng Shui, okay

In ordinary families, many gods are often worshipped, and Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and gods of the heavens have their own status and rank. They must be worshipped according to their rank. What gods should they support? Don’t worship gods casually. People often say that it’s easy to invite gods but difficult to send them. If you invite Yin gods or bad spirits to attach them to gods, it’s even harder to deal with them. Therefore, you should understand why the gods you worship. If you don’t know, you’d better ask professionals to deal with them. If there are ancestral tablets, furnaces, lamps and offerings must be installed separately, and all offerings cannot be shared with the gods

do you want to use pictures or * to worship gods? Generally speaking, because of the God itself, the spirit body is easier to generate electromagnetic field induction through the statue than the picture, so it is recommended to worship the gods mainly through the statue

there are still some taboos in the placement of the throne. For example, the throne should not be attacked by the corners, pillars and sharp corners. It has been mentioned before that learning the power of sharp corners is very powerful. If the throne is attacked by this power, it will make the throne uneasy, which is easy to cause harm to the residents. At this time, it is better to be uneasy. The wall behind the throne cannot rely on the toilet, otherwise the Lord’s wealth will be lost. In the following list, the following * should be avoided for reference:

1 It is not suitable to place a deity above or below the kitchen building

  2. Behind the wall of the cooking platform of the stove, it is not suitable to place a divine throne

  3. Under the law of form and meaning, the cooking platform of the stove should not directly rush to the front or side of the divine position

  4. The kitchen door is not facing the throne, nor does it rush to the side of the throne

  5. The place once used for the kitchen stove and cooking table should not be placed with a deity if it is later reorganized

  6. If there is a roof platform directly above the kitchen stove, it is not suitable to dry clothes, especially underwear

7. The ancestral tablet should not be higher than the statue

8. The incense burner should not be too high and should be below the waist of the statue

9. Before the divine throne, the vision should be broad and become a pattern of wind accumulation and gas accumulation

10. The divine position shall not be opposite to the direction of the house

11. The deity cannot face the toilet and kitchen

12. Remember not to be pressed by the beam

13. No sundries shall be placed under the divine position

14. In case of any damage to the God * worship, it shall be repaired immediately

15. Do not move easily when cleaning the censer

16. No sundries shall be placed on the God table

17. The back of the God table shall be a solid wall, avoiding windows or stairs

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