How to dissolve the door facing the window

In Feng Shui, the position relationship between door and window is very important. If it is not handled well, it will seriously affect the health of family members and the development of financial luck. The so-called collision between doors and windows means that the window is facing the door. This situation should be avoided in Feng Shui

first of all, the window is facing the door. If people open the window and door at the same time in the room, there will be draught or convective wind. In the previous chapter, we mentioned the harm of draught to Feng Shui, especially for women. If they are accidentally hit by the cold wind on both sides in winter, it will be harmful to fertility

secondly, rooms with doors and windows facing each other have a special name in Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash;” Leaky House ” ;. Windows and doors are air vents. The two air vents are connected into a line. The wind and air come and go directly, and the wealth flows away with it. In addition, there is a kind of house with doors, doors and windows connected in one line, which is not conducive to house transportation

however, in modern architecture, the relative situation of doors and windows is relatively common, so what are the simple improvement methods? The best way is to lower the cabinet in front of the window, and then put four pots of potted plants on the cabinet, which can not only resolve the bad luck, but also beautify the indoor environment. Or you can set a screen between the two air ports, which plays a certain role in hiding wind

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