Is the balcony closed or not

The balcony can bring good house transportation to the residents, but now in order to save space, some residents in the city separate the balcony as a small house. The modern urban environment itself is not particularly good, and the balcony is the vent and daylighting point second only to the window in the urban residence. Closing the balcony is not conducive to indoor ventilation, making it difficult for the interior of the house to breathe out the old and absorb the new

on the one hand, it is difficult for the dirty gas generated in the daily life of the family to be discharged out of the house

on the other hand, it will affect the fresh and clean air entering the room, which will damage the health of residents. Moreover, the balcony is completely sealed, which has a great impact on the mining of sunlight. The balcony is generally a sunny place in the house. Closing the balcony means that the Yang is shut out, which is easy to cause indoor darkness

in addition, the balcony is originally an open place to receive gas. If the balcony is closed, it can not be included in wealth and prosperity, which will be detrimental to the development of family economy. Therefore, the balcony had better not be closed. If you are really worried about safety, or want to separate an empty room, you should also open a large window to the balcony as a vent and daylighting point

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