What’s particular about table Feng Shui

The dining table is very important for the feng shui of the restaurant. Therefore, when purchasing the dining table, it should not only be beautiful and generous, coordinate with the decoration style of the restaurant, but also comply with certain Feng Shui principles. The specific attention is as follows:

① it is not suitable to choose an oversized dining table. An oversized dining table will make people sitting around a table seem scattered and unpopular, which is not conducive to the unity and harmony of the family, It will also create Ding Buwang and apathy among family members in Feng Shui

② wooden table should be selected instead of marble or glass surface, otherwise the food will cool down quickly and it is not conducive to the harmonious atmosphere of family communication during dinner. Choosing wooden table is not only conducive to heat preservation, but also conducive to the warm atmosphere of the family

③ the dining table should be round or square, which is in line with the traditional concept of heaven and place and the principle of Feng Shui. The round is conducive to the gathering of popularity. The square represents a solid foundation, square and stable, the main house is permanent, and the children and grandchildren are prosperous. It is a better shape of the dining table

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