How should the wall of the bedroom be decorated

The bedroom is a place to rest. It should be arranged as warm as possible. Glass, metal, marble and other materials not only give people a cold feeling, but also reflect the gas field. They are not suitable for the treatment of bedroom walls. Diatomite material has strong physical adsorption and ion exchange performance. It becomes a breathing wall, making people feel calm and conducive to rest

some people put ceramic tiles on the walls of the bathroom and kitchen at home in order to look good or facilitate cleaning. What’s more, they also put ceramic tiles on the bedroom during decoration. It is understandable for the former to stick ceramic tiles, but the latter will give people a cold feeling. Moreover, ceramic tiles are also easy to crack and fall off, which will have a bad impact on the wealth of the family

in addition, it should be noted that if yellow is used, it should be noted that yellow is the color of soil. Although fire can produce soil, soil will also attract five yellow and two black evil spirits. Therefore, when using yellow, a small amount of gold should be added at the head of the bed to release the power of soil

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