Can Wenchang put the fortune tree

People like beautiful things, including beautiful potted flowers. Seeing beautiful flowers makes you feel happy. Smellers also know the fragrance of flowers. It is of great ornamental value. Of course, you are in a good mood. Who wouldn’t like it. But the plant has its Feng Shui. If you put it in the right place, it will make everything go smoothly! If you don’t put it in the right place, it’s OK, that is, you’re not super lucky. So, can Wenchang put the fortune tree? Let’s take a look with one feng shui master:

there are many ways to make money for yourself in the house. The simplest and most practical and convenient way is to make money with plants. As long as we find the position of wealth at home, clean the position of wealth, and put a pot of living plants, we can also achieve the effect of attracting wealth

although the real wealth position requires feng shui masters to visit the house in person, most of the Ming wealth positions are located at the diagonal of the gate. Making good use of this wealth position and making Feng Shui layout will also help you achieve good fortune

not every apartment has a separate study, but there are Wenchang places in Feng Shui. Generally, according to the sitting direction of the house, we use the method of flying stars in the dark sky to find the palace where the four green Wenchang flies is Wenchang. In this position, we should use Wenchang bamboo, Fugui bamboo and other commonly used plants to stimulate Wenchang. Such plants can activate thinking and improve the efficiency of learning and work. And its elegant characteristics also dispel people’s impetuous feelings

(I) plants cannot be climbing

(II) plants should preferably be evergreen plants

(III) the shape of leaves should be round and large, not sharp, thin or long

the leaf shape of plants is usually round, large and green, which means full, abundant and evergreen. For example: evergreen, fortune tree, etc. Some can also use Fugui bamboo

urging money at home is easier to be effective, while urging money at work is more difficult and complex, because there are many people, many people have more lifestyles, and more lifestyles will easily have the influence of mutually reinforcing each other. If you really want to make money, you have to put it on the corner facing the gate

there is also a certain effect of using the zodiac to urge wealth. It will be more accurate to calculate in five lines. However, plants are plants. It is recommended not to choose climbing plants, because climbing plants are harmful to diseases

plants that often wither are mostly related to orientation. It is difficult to grow plants in the South (fire) and the West (gold). The only solution is not to use plants to urge money, but to use lights (South) and fish tanks (West)

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