What’s on the shelf in the living room

The living room is often used to entertain distinguished guests and family members. In this way, Feng Shui here will become complex due to the flow of people, both good feng shui and bad feng shui. Therefore, when decorating the house, many people often choose some mascots that can exorcise evil spirits to put in the living room. In terms of soft decoration in the living room, some people want to choose some items to bring good luck to the family, but what kind of items are placed on the shelf in the living room? This article will give you an introduction

1. Fortune Cat

we can often see Fortune Cat in the cashier area of various stores. In fact, it can also be placed in the living room. It’s best to put the Fortune Cat in the fortune position of the living room, which can have a better fortune effect. Or put it in a very conspicuous position in the living room to bring a beautiful moral of attracting wealth to the family

2. Fugui bamboo

Fugui bamboo is a highly ornamental green plant. At the same time, it is also very easy to cultivate. Put water on the vase and occasionally add some nutrient solution, and Fugui bamboo can grow freely. Putting Fugui bamboo in the living room space also adds a landscape to the living room

3. Decorative calligraphy and painting

when decorating, modern people rarely choose to use calligraphy and painting as decoration, but in some families with strong scholarly flavor, they can hang some calligraphy and painting in the living room. Such decoration not only makes the living room artistic, but also has a positive impact on the wealth of the family. If you choose landscape painting, pay attention to the direction of water when hanging. If you want to get money at home, you need to let the water flow indoors

4. God of wealth

placing a god of wealth in the living room is also a good way to bring wealth to the family. Putting Guan Gong in the financial position in the living room is not only conducive to the wealth of the family, but also can stop the evil spirit of the family

5. Aquarium

aquarium is also one of the objects that can bring wealth and fortune to the family, and can also stop the evil spirit in the family. However, pay attention to the placement of the aquarium. Never put the aquarium under the statue, otherwise there will be the risk of losing money. In addition, the fish tank cannot be directly opposite to the kitchen stove, otherwise it will affect the health of the family

6. Golden gourd

Golden gourd also has a good role in attracting money. You can hang the golden gourd in the southeast of the living room. It’s best to tie the golden gourd with a red rope, so that the gourd can not only bring good luck to the family, but also bring the beautiful meaning of surplus every year

7. Natural magnet

natural magnet always has the meaning of health and longevity, but what many people don’t know is that it can also attract money in the living room space

8, 貔貅


9. Jin Yuanbao

Jin Yuanbao symbolizes wealth and is suitable for placing in the living room. It is recommended to place it in pairs. If your door is in the middle, there are two wealth positions, and you can have one jin Yuanbao on each of the two wealth positions. Gold ingots can also be placed on the windowsill to attract wealth

10. tumbler

the tumbler is the representative of prosperous financial luck. Because this special arrangement can make the career and social status of the family become very stable. Even if there is a swing, it will not fall down immediately. It can continue to boast. After the position is stable, all the fortunes in the family will become good

11. fortune elephant

elephant is an auspicious home decoration” lsquo; Image ” lsquo; Homophonic ” lsquo; Xiang ” lsquo, It symbolizes auspiciousness, peace and happiness. It can resist the impact of foreign bad luck. At the same time, it has the effect of attracting money. Elephants absorb water very much, so they are generally placed towards the wealth position. If they happen to encounter water again, the water will turn into wealth. Elephants can absorb money for houses, which is a feng shui layout to make a lot of money. Put it in the living room, wealth will prosper

12. Walnut

walnut is placed in the living room as an ornament to keep away from villains. The popularity gathered in the living room is too messy, which is easy to attract villains. At this time, place walnut, and the villains will avoid it

13, Amethyst cave

Amethyst cave is a kind of Feng Shui mascot. Amethyst cave has noble spirit in all crystals. Placing it in the living room can improve the male house and personal magnetic field, and also restrain the house and ward off evil spirits. Placing Amethyst in Wenchang position is helpful to test luck. Placing Amethyst in wealth position can improve wealth

you can choose one or two according to your preferences and the decoration style of the living room. While meeting the decoration effect, the wealth of the family can be improved

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