What color should not be used for bedroom decoration

In the decoration of the bedroom, color is the most important, because color has a great impact on sleep. The decoration color of the bedroom should be soft and warm. White, milky white, light pink, light yellow and light blue are more suitable. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the color should match with the five elements, but due to the particularity of the bedroom, it is not suitable to apply the law of the five elements rigidly, but first consider the harmony of the Qi field

first of all, the bedroom should prohibit black walls. Black is a melancholy color. The bedroom with this color as the bottom tone is easy to make people often have nightmares and seriously affect their sleep

secondly, it’s better not to use red. Although red is an auspicious color, it’s a bad look when used in the bedroom. Red will stimulate people’s nerves, prone to violence and affect the harmony between husband and wife

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