Which Feng Shui can lead to family wealth loss

Household Feng Shui has a great impact on everyone. The most important thing to maintain a family’s fortune is financial fortune. For families with financial fortune, development can be more prosperous and the quality of life is relatively high. Then we can understand what kind of Feng Shui layout will lead to the loss of financial fortune

the door is straight to other people’s house

now there is a situation in many houses, that is, the door is facing the door of other people’s house. Such feng shui will lead to the family becoming poorer and poorer. Especially if the Qi field and five elements of the family opposite you are just opposite to your Qi field, then you will be the only unlucky person in the end

there are too many mirrors at home

mirrors themselves belong to the Yin and cold things in Feng Shui, and they are easy to provoke some evil spirits. If there are too many mirrors at home, it will also lead to the serious problem of husband and wife’s consumption of money. It is also easy to have the problems of spending money and spending a lot, and finally there will be the problem of making ends meet, Slowly, the family’s financial problems will become worse and worse

the northwest corner of the house is short of corner

this kind of corner shortage problem is actually easy to appear. The so-called corner shortage problem of the northwest corner of the house is that the northwest corner is short of a piece. For specific consignment sales, it is also necessary to plan the house to be divided into nine parts. If it is short of one ninth, it is short of corner, because the northwest belongs to qiangua, It represents money and the fortune of the male owner of the family. Therefore, if the northwest corner of Feng Shui is short of horn or money, then if the house lives for a long time, it will naturally become poorer and poorer

the toilet is in the center of the house

the toilet itself is a dirty place, so it is also a very private place for the family. The location of the toilet is suitable for the bad position at home. It’s best not to occupy the auspicious position, so it’s best not to be in the center of the family, because the central position of the family itself is the most taboo to be dirty, The middle position also represents the heart of the human body. In the long run, this will certainly affect the problem of fortune, which will also lead to the decline of wealth

the gas field of the house is not good

the gas field of the house itself will directly affect the wealth of the owner. Many people may choose to buy second-hand houses because of insufficient money, but when we buy, the previous owners live well, but after we live in, it is not smooth in all aspects, the luck will become worse and worse, and the life will become poorer and poorer, Then it means that the interior of the house is bad, or the owner’s aura is discordant. You also need to find ways to resolve it

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