Four strategies of Feng Shui for home decoration

How can the decoration of home ignore the stress of Feng Shui? After all, home is the place where we live, and the feng shui of the living environment is closely related to our luck, and is closely related to our health, life, home luck and so on. If we don’t pay attention to these Feng Shui in home decoration, the luck will be deeply affected

Introduction 1: see the hall at the beginning

what is ” See the hall at the entrance ” , The so-called ” See the hall at the entrance ” ; It refers to that the living room is located at the visible position of the door. It’s best to see it directly as soon as you enter the door. Such decoration of the home and the living room can not only make the Feng Shui atmosphere of the living room exuberant, but also make the family prosperous. Because the living room is not only the core area of the whole home, but also the hospitality place in the home, which is more related to the success or failure of home feng shui. If the living room is located behind the house, it will not be convenient for the home to entertain guests, nor will it be convenient for the living room to receive gas and circulate the gas field, which will only destroy the Feng Shui gas field of the home; If the living room can be arranged in a position that can be reached from the door, the Qi field of the living room can circulate, the feng shui of the living room can be vigorous, and the living room can also directly absorb the auspicious Qi that comes to the door, which can be conducive to the Feng Shui of the home and help the prosperity and development of family transportation

strategy 2: the toilet is located in a hidden position

if you want to create a good home feng shui, you have to pay attention to the layout and arrangement of the toilet in the hope that the home feng shui can help you improve your fortune! After all, the geomantic omen in the toilet hides a lot of filth. If the filth is not treated, it will only damage the geomantic omen of the home! According to geomantic omen, if we can arrange the toilet in a hidden position, the filth of the toilet will not affect the geomantic aura of the home, so we can resolve the filth of the toilet. So Fstips suggested that when decorating your home, you can design the toilet in some humble corners and use concealed doors

strategy 3: the sofa is placed on the wealth position

wealth position is the position of strong wealth in the home. This position will be related to the feng shui of the home and the wealth of the family. Therefore, the layout of wealth position is also a major point in the home decoration. In life, we can put the sofa on the wealth position, so that we can always absorb the wealth in the wealth position, which is very helpful to the wealth of our family

strategy 4: use warm yellow lights

the selection and application of lights are closely related to Feng Shui and wealth. If you want to recruit a good home feng shui, improve your wealth, enhance the wealth of the home and expand the financial resources of the home, you can choose to use warm yellow lamps in the living room, because warm yellow has the effect of attracting wealth

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