What is particular about the placement of Feng Shui beds in the room

People have heard that home feng shui is related to your fortune. How about home feng shui determines your fortune. For this reason, many people will think about home feng shui and hope to create a home feng shui conducive to the development of wealth, so as to make their wealth prosperous

first pay attention to wealth

with the help of Feng Shui, many people have embarked on a rich life, lived a rich life and enjoyed a nourishing life! Therefore, people hope to build a rich home feng shui to help them get rich; If you want to make a fortune, you should first pay attention to the wealth position in your home

you should know that wealth is a very important position in the home. No matter how it is arranged, decorated, or whether Feng Shui is bad or good, it will affect our wealth and determine whether we have a chance to get rich

Feng Shui believes that the layout of wealth position should pay attention to the problem of lighting. If the wealth position is dark, then the wealth luck must be very poor. Therefore, if you can place a long-term light on the wealth position and keep the light of the wealth position bright for a long time, you will have a smooth fortune! In addition, we can also put some light mascots on the wealth position, such as Golden Toad, coyote, God of wealth, Yuncai boy, Kirin, etc. These mascots can be more conducive to the promotion of wealth in the wealth position, so that we can have more opportunities to get rich

but it should be noted that although fish tanks and dragon turtles can attract money, they are not suitable to be placed on the financial position. Because the fish tank, dragon turtle and other colleagues also have the effect of transforming evil spirits. Placing them on the financial position is easy to demobilize the financial spirit of the financial position and affect the financial position, so it is not applicable

when we pay enough attention to the feng shui of wealth, we can improve our home feng shui, so as to play a role in improving wealth; Fortune has improved. Are you worried that you can’t make a fortune

secondly, we should pay attention to the pattern

How can we ignore the pattern of Feng Shui if we want to create a good home feng shui to help ourselves get rich and prosperous and embark on the road of making a fortune? The pattern of home is very important. Whether the pattern gathers gas is related to whether the home gathers wealth; If the pattern of home can hide wind and gather gas, then the family must be able to gather wealth and prosper; But if the pattern of home is deflated, then the family must leak money

therefore, in the building of the home pattern, it is taboo to have the situation of direct attack and heart piercing, otherwise it will damage the home feng shui and affect your fortune

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