How to arrange the best Feng Shui in the kitchen

We know that the kitchen is where things are cooked, so we can see the importance of kitchen Feng Shui. In terms of decoration, it is not only beautiful, but also in the Feng Shui layout of the kitchen, which will be related to health and people’s wealth. So how to layout the kitchen Feng Shui

the best Feng Shui orientation of the kitchen

the orientation most suitable for the kitchen: due east and Southeast. In the East, there has always been ” Purple comes from the East ” ; The moral of ” Purple gas, That is, auspicious Qi and wealth Qi. The kitchen is located in the East, which can introduce wealth Qi and fill the kitchen ” Treasury ” ;. In addition, on the five elements, the East is the seismic hexagram in the eight trigrams. The five elements belong to wood, while the kitchen five elements belong to fire, which is an image of wood and fire. It is especially suitable for setting up kitchens or restaurants in this direction, which is conducive to the wealth and health of the family. And the East is the direction of sunrise. Appropriate solar energy can also ensure the dryness of the kitchen and reduce dampness, which is conducive to the health of residents. In the southeast is the sun hexagram in the eight trigrams, and the five elements are also wood. Similarly, it is particularly suitable for placing the kitchen in this position

the best Feng Shui layout in the kitchen

the placement of kitchen utensils in the kitchen. For example, microwave ovens, electric rice cookers, sockets, etc. should be located in the auspicious position in the kitchen. The cutting tools in the kitchen had better not be directly hung on the wall or inserted into the tool holder, so it is better to put them in the drawer

the kitchen is facing the door, which is easy to destroy wealth. The toilet is a dark place. Facing the kitchen stove will make the unclean things in the toilet enter people’s body with food, which will bring bad luck to people. In addition, the kitchen should not share a door with the toilet. The kitchen is fire and the toilet is water. The kitchen and toilet share a door to force water and fire to coexist. However, water and fire are incompatible. Such behavior is not conducive to family harmony and is easy to cause family illness

the best Feng Shui color in the kitchen

Feng Shui believes that white is the best in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place for cooking. White can at least show that such hygiene is in good condition and spotless. You can rest assured of your diet. Moreover, white can not only arouse people’s emotions, but also help people calm all kinds of emotions. Usually, white symbolizes calm, and all emotions are gradually released and faded. The advantage of choosing white is to let go of all the bad things in your heart, turn yourself into a blank, and find the fun of life again between pots and pans

bright colors can be used for the ceiling, upper and lower walls and the upper part of the wall panel, while dark colors can be used for the lower part of the wall panel and the ground, making people feel that the indoor center of gravity is stable

when we decorate the kitchen, we need to consider not only the problem of safety, but also the problem of Feng Shui taboos on some basis. Whether it is the color, orientation or layout of the kitchen, these are indispensable. Once there are problems on the one hand, they will also affect the overall pattern

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