What about the layout of Feng Shui in the kitchen

We know that home feng shui is an indispensable functional area. Sometimes it can also be related to the health of the whole family. This is also a very important problem in Feng Shui. In fact, in terms of the whole pattern, it can also see the problem of kitchen Feng Shui. After all, the kitchen is equivalent to the Treasury of the family

what kind of kitchen layout is not good at Feng Shui?

1. The layout of the kitchen can not be opposite to the doors of other rooms, which will directly form a rush brake, so that the stove fire in the kitchen can not flourish, and it will also affect the stability of Feng Shui in other houses in the room. Special attention should be paid not to be opposite to the toilet door, because water and fire may cause fire

2. Keep clean and don’t be too messy

the kitchen often places some sundries and there will be a lot of garbage when cooking. It’s necessary to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, because it can stabilize Feng Shui’s fortune

3. Do not choose an open kitchen

it is best not to design an open kitchen when decorating the kitchen, because the use frequency of the kitchen is relatively high. The open kitchen will produce a lot of oil fume when cooking, which will pollute the air of the whole house and affect the health of the family

what to pay attention to when arranging Feng Shui in the kitchen

◆ the first move is location. Feng Shui teachers usually suggest that the kitchen be placed in the four evil sides of the parents’ life divination, which helps to suppress the evil spirit of the evil side. The Yang Qi produced by the fire can reconcile the foul Qi of the evil side and improve its Feng Shui

the kitchen should also be located in the back half of the house, as far away from the door as possible

◆ the second move is that the water vapor generated by the sink in the five elements Shengke conflicts with the fire gas of the gas stove. Therefore, the gas stove cannot be opposed to the sink or refrigerator. The gas stove shall not be close to the water tank. The stove should not be independent in the center of the kitchen, because the fire in the center of the kitchen is too strong, which will lead to the loss of family harmony

◆ the third move “stove mouth” the so-called stove mouth originally refers to the material inlet of the stove. In terms of modern gas stove, it refers to the gas inlet, which is located behind the ignition switch. The furnace mouth should face the angry side of the wild master or hostess as far as possible

the implication of Feng Shui in kitchen layout

People’s life, whether rich or poor, is always inseparable from clothing, food, housing and transportation” Diet ” ; And ” Residence ” ; Is a very important aspect. Speaking of these two aspects, it is inseparable from kitchen Feng Shui

in the whole home design, the kitchen is an indispensable and key part. From a modern perspective, the kitchen is no longer just a place to cook. Because the kitchen embodies the ” Diet ” ; Various information about. It not only has the function of storing food and cooking, the style and taste of decoration, but also reflects the living standard of a family, and even affects the feng shui of the whole house

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the kitchen is the place that can best reflect the fate of residents for a house. Compared with other parts of the house, the kitchen has a certain ” Congenital deficiency ” ; Defects in. But at the same time, the kitchen has the function of eliminating evil spirits that can suppress bad luck and resist the heat of misfortune. Therefore, if we can reasonably arrange and select materials, we can eliminate adverse factors and create kitchen Feng Shui conducive to the good fortune of the family

we know that every family must have some Feng Shui defects. If we want to maintain long-term health and prosperous financial luck, Feng Shui in the kitchen and bathroom also need a lot of water. This will also be regarded as an unlucky influence, and the good and bad luck of our location will also affect our family

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