What are the taboos in putting shoe cabinets

Many people are used to putting their shoes in the bedroom, which is convenient to take out and wear when they go out. Feng Shui believes that shoes are only suitable for placing near the gate. This is because the shoes you often wear are covered with the Qi of five elements. If you leave them disorderly, these miscellaneous Qi will be brought into the house and affect the master’s fortune. So it’s best to prepare a shoe cabinet and put it at the door, so that the bad magnetic field will not spread to the whole room

the arrangement of shoe cabinets is also different for people of different occupations. Those engaged in civil service should put the shoe cabinet in the southeast, and those engaged in blue collar work should put the shoe cabinet in the northwest

the placement of shoe cabinets also has certain Feng Shui attention

first of all, the shoe cabinet is better on the fifth floor. This means that the five elements coexist. It doesn’t matter if the shoe cabinet has less than five floors, and it’s taboo to have more than five floors. This is because shoes belong to soil, which should be down-to-earth and placed too high, which is easy to cause the wearer to sprain and fall; At the same time, shoes are the foundation. Only by being firm can you make your career smooth

secondly, put the pointed shoes inward. In recent years, pointed shoes are very popular. If the tip of the shoe faces outward, each time you open the shoe cabinet, the tip of the shoe will face towards yourself, which is easy to bring bad Qi and harmful to health

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