What color is suitable for the decoration of the master bedroom

Violet color is the best choice for bedroom walls as a color of cosmic righteousness. It can not only protect the eyes, but also benefit the lungs and liver, because its band is suitable for the liver and lung, and the liver is closely related to vision. Most importantly, this color is conducive to sleep and can make people fall asleep easily. In addition, you can also choose pink, which will increase the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom and promote the feelings of couples. Or you can use a pink large flower screen, which is very eye-catching. Coupled with a modern black leisure couch, it is destined to be the focus of the whole audience

a light color system is used in the bedroom, and a hanging picture is used as the background wall of the bedroom. There is a blank around, which is about the same size as the width of the bed, adding vitality to the originally not spacious space.

young people like exaggerated large flower patterns, which are expressive and bring freedom and self characteristics to space

literary and artistic people like to use tender yellow and tender green as the main tone, and draw green trees symbolizing spring. There is no lack of artistic sense. Paint the whole wall with the same color, and then conceive and create on such a whole

for children’s bedroom, you can choose light green, light blue or lily white, which will give people a fresh and bright feeling and help cultivate children’s lively and cheerful character

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