What color is good for bedroom furniture

The choice of furniture color is exquisite. It should not only meet personal preferences, but also be suitable for the size of the room and match the color of wall and floor. For rooms with small area and poor light, the cold color should not be selected, and the fresh and bright warm color furniture is more suitable, which is not only beautiful, but also gives people the feeling of expanding the space. For rooms with large area and rising sun, there can be more choices, as long as the color is coordinated with the overall style of the bedroom

many people tend to think that the color matching of the wall at home can be determined entirely according to their personal preferences. In fact, the warm color of the room with dark wall color can create a warm and happy atmosphere. The bright neutral wall color will make the room look bright. Generally, the color of wall paint mostly adopts white and solid color, and the bright color of white or close to white can be used for the ceiling, so that the indoor lighting effect is better

the bright yellow background wall enhances the brightness of the whole room. A decorative painting of flowers decorates the monochrome wall, adding elegant artistic flavor to the room. The black iron furniture gives the room an elegant classical beauty. The warm sunshine shines in, making the room more comfortable and natural

the idyllic bedroom and the background wall decorated with flower patterns make the whole bedroom more warm and romantic. The freshness of broken flowers, the prosperity of large flowers and brocade like space decoration make the natural wind of the room strong

the decoration of the background wall at the head of the bed is consistent with the bedding, and the light pink bottom is decorated with silver patterns, making the whole bedroom space more harmonious. The bedroom space under the light is more feminine and elegant

the color matching of the bedroom background wall is the focus of decoration. The pink irregular pattern background wall echoes with bedding, chairs, etc. and is decorated with wood to create a soft and warm bedroom space

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