How to resolve the disadvantages caused by the toilet located in the north and northeast

Among the five element attributes of orientation, the North belongs to water, and the five element attribute of toilet is also water. If the toilet is set in the north, it will increase water energy, destroy the five element balance of home environment and consume the energy of residents; If the toilet is located in the northeast, because the Northeast belongs to soil and soil conquers water, it will also destroy home feng shui and affect the health of family members

it is better to solve the problem caused by the toilet located in the north, because the toilet located in the North belongs to too strong water energy and too heavy Yin Qi. According to the principle of soil controlling water, one or two pots of soil planted Feng Shui plants, such as iron tree or golden Pueraria, can be placed in the north of the toilet, which can not only control water, but also increase the transportation of Feng Shui for home

if you want to dissolve the evil spirit brought by the bathroom in the northeast, according to the principle of native gold, you need to release the earth energy, then you can place metal products in the northeast of the bathroom, such as iron washing machine and iron basin rack, or metal sculptures or decorations

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