Ten taboos of Feng Shui in decoration design

Modern residential art is in full bloom, and Feng Shui of decorative design is also keeping up with the trend. The English name of decorative art: decorationart, like women’s make-up, aims to create a beautiful, comfortable and healthy home environment. The faster the pace of social development, the higher the people’s living standards, the more decoration is needed to meet people’s deep-seated spiritual needs, but the form of decoration may be implicit

decoration design Feng Shui avenue to Jane

Chinese Buddhism ” Zen ” ; Theory, but also the net fall of space to the extreme, in order to ” Emptiness is color, and color is emptiness ” ; Their world outlook has been detached from the thoughts of monks and nuns from generation to generation. China’s Ming Dynasty furniture is also the essence of the essence of the spirit, with ” Elegant and simple; As the principle, the unique aesthetic concept of the East, independent and profound temperament and concise and remote simple charm are unique in the world. It still affects the design concept of international furniture

today’s pursuit of concise artistic style does not mean that people’s thinking level is the same as that of people in the primitive era. People in the primitive era express everything around them in simple ways because they do not understand beauty and do not need beauty, while people today pursue to express everything around them in concise ways because they know too much, so as to make their life easier. Historical materialism also tells us that productivity is the most direct driving force of social development. It drives the development of economic foundation and superstructure affected by it

succinct is not simple. Brevity is the essence of good quality that is constantly combined and filtered. It is to enhance the common appearance of object form into a highly condensed and highly abstract form. The concise new concept abandons the traditional customs and flashiness. It mostly uses new materials, new technologies and new techniques to unify with people’s new ideas and concepts, so as to achieve the realm of unity of heaven and man and people-oriented. Simplicity is a natural law, a cultural refinement and everyone’s handwriting” Both carving and carving, return to simplicity” ; Artistic creation should be simple rather than complicated, hidden rather than exposed. These are the most incisive exposition of simplicity

wealth taboo of Feng Shui in decoration design

1. Wealth taboo: Feng Shui believes that wealth pressure is absolutely inappropriate. If heavy wardrobe, bookcase or locker are pressed in wealth, it will damage the wealth of this residence

2. Wealth and position avoid water: wealth and position should not place fish tanks or plants cultured with water, because there are ” See wealth and turn water ” ; Say it

3. Wealth should not be empty: there should be a solid wall behind wealth, because it symbolizes that there is a backer to lean on, there is no worry about the future, and you can hide the wind and gather Qi. On the contrary, if there is a balcony or glass window behind the wealth position, it will be difficult to accumulate wealth because of the leakage of wealth

4. Wealth position should not be rushed: Feng Shui most forbids sharp corner shooting, so there should be no sharp corner near wealth position

5. Don’t pollute the wealth position: if the toilet and bathroom are in the wealth position or sundries are placed in the wealth position, it will pollute the wealth position and greatly reduce the wealth

6. Avoid darkness in wealth position: if the wealth position is dark, it will be gloomy and stagnant, which needs to be resolved by lighting a long light

kitchen taboo of Feng Shui in decoration design

1. The kitchen should not be back to the house

2. Do not rush through the door

3. Avoid kitchen door to stove

4. Avoid being opposite to the toilet

5. It should not be close to the bedroom

6. The stove should not be open behind

opposite to the door

8. Do not install it on the waterway

9. Do not press the top with the beam

10. It should not be exposed to the setting sun

11. It is not suitable to shoot at a sharp angle

12. Avoid conflict between water and fire

decorative design feng shui bathroom taboo

1. It should not be opened in the southwest or northeast

2. It should not be opened in the center of the house

3. It is not suitable to drive in the south

4. It is better to press on the evil side than on the auspicious side

5. The toilet should be hidden

6. The bathroom should not be changed into a bedroom

7. The toilet should be kept clean

8. The toilet should be ventilated

top ten Feng Shui taboos in decoration design

first, if the door of the house faces the fierce side of the owner, the door is the main air inlet of the house, and it is bad luck every day. How can the family live in it! No matter how good the feng shui of the house itself is, it should be eliminated immediately because it is not in line with the fate of the house owner

II. If the master bedroom is in the fierce position of the house owner. A person sleeps an average of eight hours, but they all stay in the bedroom where they are in a bad position. They are most affected by the adverse atmosphere here, which is also not conducive to the prosperity of the homeowner

Third, the land transportation of the house is very poor. The land is prosperous, and the residents are blessed; The decline of land and the natural decline of residents

IV. the foundation of the house is low and convex on all sides, so the gas field will be in a stagnant state, the gas path is blocked, and there is no gas deposition. If the house is built in such a place, even if the door faces the auspicious side, the air entering the door is still more filthy than auspicious. Such a house, the older the house age, the more foul gas is deposited

v. the foundation of the house is high and there is no shelter on all sides. Such an air field will disperse the air flow, and the house cannot gather air. Even if the door is facing the auspicious side, the auspicious spirit that comes in cannot stay. Feng Shui focuses on the storage of wind and Qi, so it is difficult to realize the high house

VI. the house is dark, and the lights need to be turned on even during the day. Such houses lack Yang Qi, and Yang houses need Yang Qi. Dark houses have more yin and less Yang, so they can’t accumulate enough Yang Qi. Instead, they will absorb the Yang Qi of their families, and their bodies will be weak and weak

VII. The house has a strange smell. The bad smell belongs to foul gas. The accumulation of foul gas for a long time will block the fortune of the owner and damage his body, including the rotten gas after the rain and the waste gas from the surrounding factory dump, which are all unfavorable conditions

VIII. The gate is straight to the back door. It is a bad pattern of discouragement. The air that comes in through the gate passes through the middle palace of the house. If it is not reserved, it will directly leak out through the back door. This is the hall evil spirit. The house focuses on gathering Qi. If not, how can wealth gather here! There is also a situation where the beam passes through the heart piercing brake of the house. If the beam is right in the center of the house, it is the worst and difficult to resolve

IX. if the kitchen and toilet are located in the center of the house, it will disturb the gas field of the house. The central position of the house is the Taiji point and the heart of the whole house. If the kitchen is in this position, it is fire attacking the center; If the toilet and bathroom are located in the center, the air of filth will gather, which is a very poor condition

X. there is a direct path or bridge in front of the gate, which belongs to gun brake and Chong brake. This situation belongs to the worst kind. The house is directly fired, and the entrance is not set up, which is harmful to health

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