Feng Shui illustration of house decoration

Good house decoration can save a lot of trouble, especially without committing many household Feng Shui taboos. Brick by brick house decoration Feng Shui map , buy those things that need to be installed and try to require the installation of goods sold. It really doesn’t include installation, and you must insist on paying the full payment after installation! Hydropower transformation should be planned by themselves, and they are required to drive in a straight line. I watched them draw lines and opened Cao according to the lines. Each item should be checked and accepted by itself

Feng Shui map of house decoration

house type with laborious and thankless decoration

1. Irregular house type

house shape is extremely irregular. People living in this house type have been good at speculation for a long time. Extremely unstable mood and changeable temperament. Do things without rules and principles. And irritable and angry

2. Triangular house type

remember that this house type cannot live. If you live in this house type for a long time, your vision will become shorter and narrower. Irritable and irritable. When encountering problems, he likes to drill through the horns, does not like to listen to people’s advice, likes to walk alone and thinks he is right; Feelings are always self-centered and easy to break

3. House type without angle

the whole house is like a human body, and the lack of angle is like the disabled with incomplete limbs. The northwest corner lacks an unfavorable husband, the southwest corner lacks an unfavorable wife, the north corner lacks an unfavorable eldest son, and the southeast corner lacks an unfavorable eldest daughter. The lack of corner room has been living for a long time, which either leads to family discord or family fragmentation

4. Abnormal house

this is the worst house type. Abnormal house is like people and is incomplete in heart; Living in this house type for a long time will produce abnormal psychology and psychological distortion. Moody temperament, extreme thinking, will do something too radical

Feng Shui details of house decoration

1. The ceiling should not be cumbersome

the ceiling on the roof of the living room is high. For residential Feng Shui, it is the symbol of heaven, so it is very important. The common storey height of modern houses is about 2.8 meters. If the roof is decorated with false ceiling, the design is slightly improper, it will appear very tired. There is a strong sense of oppression caused by the collapse of the sky, and the residents will be under too much pressure

2. Avoid glass in the porch

the porch is to the family as the throat is to the human body, and its Feng Shui function is very important. To give full play to the Feng Shui function of the porch, we must pay attention to the various taboos of the components of the porch in Feng Shui

the ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low: if the ceiling at the porch is too low and oppressive, it is an auspicious omen in Feng Shui, indicating that the family is oppressed and constrained and is difficult to make a difference. In addition, the wall space of the porch should be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top: facing the porch of the gate, the lower half should take the solid wall as the foundation, solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, which is the best to be transparent without leakage. It must be noted that mirror glass cannot be used. The mirror that can reflect can not face the door, because the wealth of the home will be reflected out

3. Avoid sundries on the balcony

the balcony is an important channel for residential gas reception. It should be kept open and bright as far as possible, and plants should not be too dense to block the light

the balconies located in the southwest and northeast are not suitable for planting plants, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on the intestines and stomach of the family and the journey. Planting plants in the southwest will also affect the journey of the hostess, while those in the Northeast will affect the children’s studies

4. The toilet and bathroom should not be conspicuous

the traditional feng shui theory should avoid the good and bad luck of the toilet and bathroom. In addition to pointing out that it should be pressed on the bad side, others are rarely mentioned, so there are many statements attached to the meeting. What should we pay attention to in the bathroom

the location of the toilet should be hidden as far as possible, not directly facing the door. The door faces the toilet door, and the main wealth and wealth do not gather

the toilet should not be set at the end of the corridor, which is a bad omen in Feng Shui, because the moisture and filth overflowing from the toilet will spread along the corridor to the adjacent rooms, which is naturally unsanitary. Therefore, the toilet should be set on both sides of the corridor, and it is best to have windows in the toilet

the bathroom door and kitchen door should be matched, not directly. The bathroom and kitchen have one water and one fire, and the two doors are opposite, which is a defeat that water and fire cannot tolerate. If there is a God’s throne in the home, the bathroom cannot be behind the God’s throne or in the room above the God’s throne, so as not to desecrate the gods

5. The study should not be complicated

with the development of the times, people’s cultural literacy continues to improve, and they spend more and more time reading and learning at home. Therefore, when arranging the room, people pay more attention to the layout of the study or learning corner. The desk cannot be placed in the middle of the room, because it is isolated in all directions, helpless in front, back, left and right, lonely in main study and career, and difficult to develop

6. In the decoration of new houses, if the setting is wrong, setting the living room in the rear will lead to the pattern of returning money, which is easy to cause the decline of wealth. Feng Shui stresses ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ” ;. There is no porch or low cabinet between the gate and the living room. The external air directly rushes into the living room, which will dissipate the Yang in the house, resulting in the evil spirit of damaging the wealth of the family

7. The area of the bedroom is too large or too small. Influence: if the bedroom is too big, too bright and there are too many windows, the Feng Shui Qi is easy to dissipate, the Yang Qi is insufficient, the Yin Qi of loneliness and deficiency is born, and the Yin Qi is much, the relationship between husband and wife is easy to cool, discord and dispute; However, if you live in a small bedroom, you will feel depressed, which will affect the owner’s physical health and mental mood over time

8. The living room is hung with pictures of beasts and antiques and sundries. Influence: hanging pictures of beasts in the living room is easy to make the family restless. If you like to hang pictures of beasts such as dragons, tigers and eagles, you need to pay special attention to facing the head of the beast in the picture outward to form a defensive pattern. Never threaten yourself with the head of the beast inward to avoid accidental disasters

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