What Feng Shui problems should be paid attention to in residential swimming pools

Many houses now have swimming pools, which can bring people rest and entertainment. In addition, swimming pools have a cornucopia in residential Feng Shui. If our swimming pools are properly arranged, they can play a role in attracting wealth. So what Feng Shui problems should be paid attention to in the layout of swimming pool in residence? Let’s analyze it for you

orientation of residential swimming pool

if we want to set up a swimming pool in the house, we should first pay attention to the orientation of the swimming pool, which is also the Feng Shui problem we should first consider. The actual situation of each residence will be different, and it is difficult to say an accurate location here. We need to choose according to the orientation of our residence and the actual surrounding environment, and use some more specific data to calculate it. Set the swimming pool in a lucky spot, which is correct and can bring good luck to the family

shape of residential swimming pool

when building a swimming pool, the choice of swimming pool shape is also very important. The common swimming pool shapes are square and round, gourd shape and so on. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is best to choose the shape of gourd. Gourd shape is more conducive to collecting wealth. We also need to avoid choosing some irregular shapes, especially strange shapes, because it will bring many bad spirits to the house, but also affect the fortune of the family, and there will be many problems in career development

layout around the residential swimming pool

after selecting the location and shape of the swimming pool, we can consider the layout around the swimming pool. In this environment, we need to assist according to the five elements of the owner of the house. For example, the owner of the house has five elements but wood, so we can plant a variety of plants around the swimming pool. For example, the owner of the house is short of water, and some small fountains can be arranged around the swimming pool. Generally speaking, it is necessary to arrange according to different actual conditions, which can help improve our luck

the residential swimming pool should be spacious

when building the swimming pool in the residence, it is often necessary to ensure that there are spacious flat lands around to avoid being too close to the house. It is best not to have big trees or dense plants around. Feng Shui believes that water is wealth. If the surrounding area of the pool is relatively open, it can let all aspects of wealth and fortune flow into the pool to form a good feng shui for attracting wealth. Improving wealth and fortune can also bring good luck to the family

the water quality of the residential swimming pool

the water quality in the swimming pool must be better. It needs to be replaced frequently and cleaned up. Ensure that the water in the swimming pool is relatively clear, so as to meet the requirements of Feng Shui. If the water in the swimming pool is dirty and not changed frequently, it will produce a lot of bad luck and bacteria, which will not only affect the health of the family, but also lead to the bad luck of the family

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