How should the decoration style of the porch be designed

The porch is the transition space from the entrance to the interior or living room. It is generally a long and narrow independent channel. For the decoration of the porch, the structure of the porch and the overall decoration style of the interior should be fully considered

generally speaking, the porch adopts a simple and generous style, which is because the porch area is small, so it is not suitable to use too much decoration, otherwise it will appear crowded

the porch is an important vent, especially the wealth channel will enter the room along the porch. If the porch is crowded, wealth will be squeezed out of the door

in addition, for the situation that the porch is originally included in the hall, the decoration style should be unified with the hall and appropriately enhanced. On the one hand, this ensures the overall indoor style, on the other hand, it also highlights the porch, which is conducive to give full play to the Feng Shui role of the porch