Feng Shui effect drawing of home porch decoration

In the design of home, the design of porch is becoming more and more common. It seems that many people will set porch at the entrance door to partition and protect home privacy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the porch design of home can effectively improve the feng shui of home and help home isolate the evil spirit. But do you know about the decoration of the porch

the porch should not be equipped with mirrors

if the porch is equipped with mirrors, or use some mirrors, glass and other materials with reflective effect as the porch, it is considered to be a major taboo in Feng Shui! Because these reflective materials, such as mirrors, will reflect the indoor scene, expose the indoor privacy, and can not play a role in protecting privacy; In addition, the mirror also has the function of adsorption, which is particularly easy to absorb some bad Qi and faint evil Qi from the outside to the home. In this way, it will also have a great impact on the feng shui of the home. Therefore, if the porch is equipped with a mirror, it is even inappropriate

the porch should not be top heavy

the upper part of the normal porch should be empty, while the lower part is real. Only such a porch can meet the requirements of Feng Shui! If the porch you decorate is solid and empty, such porch will form a top heavy situation, which will give people an earth shaking feeling. In this way, it will have an impact on Feng Shui, the feeling of family, the health and mood of family, and even affect the social relations of family

the porch should not be designed too short

in Feng Shui, there are also certain requirements for the decoration of the porch! According to the theory of Feng Shui, too low porch is not conducive to home feng shui, and too low porch is not dignified. Such porch decoration can not play a decorative role, but will lead to the deterioration of home feng shui

the porch should not be dark

many people always ignore the light of the porch when designing and decorating the porch. Few people will install a lighting lamp at the porch, which will lead to the dark light of the porch and make people feel very dark and gloomy as soon as they enter the door. Such porch decoration will not help Feng Shui at home, and even make the God of wealth dare not come to the door, Drove away a lot of good luck from my family! Therefore, when decorating the porch, you must pay attention to the light and light of the porch, and do not let the porch be dark. It is best to design a lamp in the place of the porch, use the lamp to light the light of the porch, and use the lamp to help the porch lighting. In this way, the light of the porch is bright, which is also of great help to home feng shui. Among them, choosing the warm yellow lamp light can play a role in Attracting Wealth and make the wealth of the family soar day by day

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