Feng Shui consultant on house decoration taboos

Although Feng Shui is popular and many people will pay attention to Feng Shui in life, Feng Shui is an unfathomable knowledge. There are many knowledge, stress and taboos in Feng Shui, and not all people can master Feng Shui. Therefore, in the home decoration, it is inevitable to encounter some Feng Shui Taboos; In that case, let the Feng Shui consultant explain some common Feng Shui taboos

huge hanging pictures are placed at the head of the bed

hanging pictures have the function of decorative space. A good-looking hanging picture can effectively improve the artistic atmosphere of the home and make the style of the home more unique. Many people like to place hanging pictures in the bedroom! It’s OK to place hanging pictures in the bedroom, but when decorating and placing hanging pictures, we must pay attention to ” mdash” mdash; Huge hanging pictures should not be placed on the head of the bed! The bed in the bedroom is where we sleep. If the huge hanging picture is placed at the head of the bed, there is a big potential safety hazard. If the hanging picture falls in sleep, it is easy to hit the head of the family. It can be seen that the hanging picture at the head of the bed is inappropriate! In addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, bedside paintings will give people an uneasy psychological hint, which is easy to lead to the emotional tension of family members and the inability to sleep at ease. For a long time, they may suffer from hypertension

the corridor cannot cross the home

the corridor can be said to be a very important channel in the home. The corridor links all rooms in the home, and it is also the place where the air field flows and people move around in the home. Therefore, the small corridor is related to the feng shui of the whole home. Therefore, the Feng Shui consultant also warned you that in the home decoration, the feng shui of the corridor must pay more attention to! Feng Shui believes that the length of the corridor should not exceed two-thirds of the total length of the house. The most taboo is that the corridor crosses the whole home and divides the home into two. This pattern is very unlucky. First, the corridor runs through the whole home, which is easy to lead to discord in family relations; Second, if the corridor goes straight to the end, the gas field will not be able to gather; In terms of Feng Shui, fortune and family feelings, it will have a bad impact. You need to pay attention

the shape of the living room is irregular

when decorating, you must not ignore the feng shui of the living room, because in the whole home, the living room is the main core and the top priority. How can you ignore it? Feng Shui believes that planning an irregular room as a living room is a very unlucky practice. This practice not only touches the Feng Shui taboo, but also leads to the feng shui of the whole living room becoming very vicious; When the feng shui of the living room deteriorates and the atmosphere of the living room is fierce, the family’s fortune, family health, and family fortune will be deeply affected; It can be seen that the shape of the living room is taboo to be irregular

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